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Tribute To My Big Brother Floyd On His 75th Birthday

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On December 1st my big brother, Floyd Wesley Brown turned 75 and his wife Carolyn and four sons invited us all to celebrate with a party/tribute for him. Of course this was a time to travel down memory lane of one’s life. Of course being younger you can only reflect on that portion of which you know or what someone older has shared with you.

Things I remember about us is following him to the barn to feed the livestock and milk the cows. He taught me how to milk the cows and portion the feed for the mules. Of course you would have to wash the cows utter bag before milking so no dirt would fall into the milk. In the winter, he would build a small fire to warm our hands plus cows do not like cold hands on their utters.

During the brief time our father was in the logging business, Floyd was a truck driver hauling the cut up trees to the mill and he would take me with him sometimes. That was a lot of fun plus I learned a lot about the making of paper and other things out of wood used in our society. I also learned how you need to drive a truck on unpaved roads, thanks to my big brother.

My younger brother, Donnie, loves to tell the story of Floyd surprising the family by coming home one cold winter night when he was in the Army. Donnie and I were camping outside in the yard in our pup tent. It was around two in the morning when I heard the car pull up in the yard and there Floyd was standing in the car light wearing his uniform. It was a sight to see him and left an unforgettable imprint on us as younger sibling to this man in an Uncle Sam uniform.

It was fifty years ago that I came to California with him. He was stationed at George Air Force Base in Victorville and I stayed in Los Angeles. I remember traveling on highway 70 as it wound through the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee before we came to the fast Oklahoma Turnpike. All of that was a breeze when you think of the blinding evening sun on the heavily traveled Route 66 and those big trucks.

It was a long journey and now I can truly say we have come a long way from the tobacco fields of North Carolina, thanks to my big brother Floyd.

God has truly been good to you as he has blessed you with a great wife and fine children and grandchildren. You have been a great example of what a big brother is supposed to do for others. As you look at this milestone in the aging process and head for the century mark it is time for celebration.

Have a wonderful day and many more to come.

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