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Josie Gonzales for Chair of SB County Board of Supervisors

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After any election whether public or private, the organization or governing body goes through a reorganization of leadership and committee assignments. Those with the responsibility to assist in the process take into account the mission, public image, a person’s knowledge of the organization and leadership skills to bring it all together at the specified moment in time. We have just concluded the midterm elections and in Washington, D.C., new party leaders have been selected. The state is in the process of going through the same process and some local governments are doing the same thing.

In San Bernardino County we have an exceptionally knowledgeable person in Josie Gonzales. She has the leadership skills to deliver the county mission of service to the people while improving the image of county government. Josie is a life-long resident of the county and understands the diversity of its people and businesses. She grew up in a family business and knows the ins and outs of creating jobs and meeting a payroll. Her years of serving on the Fontana City Council give her experience of what city officials have to contend with in trying to deliver service to their citizens. And surely her serving as the current vice chair of the board demonstrates her leadership abilities. She has served as County Supervisor longer than any of the current supervisors.

Josie has served a short time in this position, with some of the elected officials who serve beside her having personal agendas which Josie professionally ignored. Her integrity, which is one quality needed at this time, is undeniable.

Her service to all citizens, regardless of race, gender, age, stature is remarkable. She has consistently supported programs for seniors and our youth. It was just a few years ago that the First 5 program was under fire and the assignment was given to Josie. Programs got funded, mismanagement was corrected, new policies were put in place, and the community and agency were able to do what they do best: provide services to people. The same is true when it comes to representing us before other levels of government in the state and nation.

Yes Josie has served us well and I encourage the other four supervisors to elect Josie as their chair of the board.

Kamala Harris is Attorney General of California

It is now official that Kamala Harris has been elected the next Attorney General for the State of California, thus making her the first female and African American to hold this position. We have come a long way on this journey of electing people of color with outstanding qualifications. I knew she had won the day after the election when I saw the margin of victory for the other Democrats seeking statewide office. So I ran the story of her victory on the 4th of November. We ran another one this week because it is now official.

It was not that long ago when I witnessed some of my fellow Democratic citizens in San Bernardino tell the late Enola Holt, a stanch Democrat, they just could not vote for then gubernatorial candidate Tom Bradley to become governor. Of course Holt fired back of her disappointment in them because she had voted for years in support of their candidates who did not have her best interest at heart.

Democrats and Republican have learned some things since then when it comes to voting for people to win elections. Race and gender is important but the percentage of those who cannot pull the level for either is growing smaller and smaller, while the number of good qualified people of color and women is increasing.

Kamala Harris fits the bill on two counts as a woman and as an African American. Congratulations to my friend Kamala Harris.

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