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Vote Early Before Nov. 2 Election Day

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November 2nd is fast approaching us but you do not have to wait until then to cast your vote. I know many of you like to wait in line at your local neighborhood polling place so you can visit with neighbors you have not seen since last election. That is good but don’t you remember when on voting day the wind was blowing, someone in the family got sick, you had to work late, the car broke down, or you just got busy and forgot to vote because the NAACP did not remind you with the bull horn on the truck. I know those excuses because as a poll watcher, I’ve had to make last minute contact with many of you after I noticed you had not voted.

Well times have changed so you do not have to wait until Election Day to cast your ballot. You can vote early Monday thru Friday right now by going into the registrar’s office during office hours. I know you are saying, “I will not forget” but so did others especially in our community. I know some of you are saying, “why vote? It will not make any difference,” well I beg to differ with that kind of thinking.

Consider Meg Whitman who is now running for Governor of California and says the state is in a mess, however she did not vote for 28 years and now she is seeking to straighten it out. Many of us Blacks, did not have access to health insurance until congress passed and President Obama signed into law the National Health Insurance Act. Now we have some candidates running for congress with and for one purpose only and that is to over turn that insurance act. With double digit unemployment (16% for Blacks), in our community some elected official will not even hire a Black on their staff to help them outreach to us with our money. With our kids being kicked out of public school at an alarming rate of 40%, some seeking office want to build more prisons to put them in rather than intervention and prevention programs or a good quality education.

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Locally we have one elected official trying to keep the status quo of confusion in our city government. Can you imagine just a few years ago this same official was trying to change the city charter to dilute the Black and Hispanic vote? This year he is saying that to change the charter will take away your right to vote. What it will do is take him out of the equation.

Now we have some good people seeking office that are committed to being inclusive of all the people they will represent. But to get them elected it will require you to vote. If you do not know them call them or someone you know who does know them. Please do not be afraid to ask them what they are willing to do. We have big business, small business, chambers of commerce, unions, foreign countries, illegal immigrants, seniors and every other group asking what are you going to do for us. If you remember during the last presidential election it was the conservative church asking Obama and McCain about “where do you stand on the issue of abortion”?

Yes you have a very good reason to vote and it is “self preservation is the first law of nature” as the late Frank Ingram would say all the time to his friends and enemies. So please do us all a big favor and vote early then on Election Day November 2nd walk through your neighborhood and remind your neighbors to vote.

County of Riverside Registrar of Voters
2724 Gateway Drive

County of San Bernardino Registrar of Voters
777 E. Rialto Ave.
San Bernardino

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