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Congressional Districts Election Comments

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Many of you have emailed me regarding the congressional districts and what do I offer in the 43rd of San Bernardino and the 44th of Riverside. I was holding back because of some interesting information I needed to clarify about various candidates.

In the 44th we have incumbent Ken Calvert (R), and we know that his party has “Pledged to America” to repeal every thing that the Obama Administration has signed into law. Even though I have not heard or read what Calvert personally thinks of the Republican Party Pledge but its flies in the face of what I would want. Now when it comes to what Calvert has done personally with and for us as a representative, he has responded with a pleasing yes, which is what a representative should do. However, that does not address his standing with the republicans to repeal health care and other things needed to help our people.

Now his challenger, Bill Hedrick (D), is a capable person and would hopefully carry the Democratic Party banner of inclusion. However, in his previous position as head of the Rialto Teachers Association, he led the fight to remove all Blacks from the school board. This is a district where 20% of the students are Black. Two years ago, Walter Hawkins was targeted and this year, they have targeted Joanne Gilbert, the only Black female serving on the board. That is why I used the words earlier “would hopefully” carry the national party banner of inclusion but he also touts an Independent streak as a badge of honor. I am sure he never thought what happens in Rialto would leave Rialto or come up in an election in Riverside.

In the 43rd District, we have hardworking Joe Baca who has an image problem of working hard only for his people who are not Americans yet. I have nothing against that because I have people in the family that were not legal citizens at one time. Another image with Joe is he has a hard time keeping Blacks on his staff, plus he has a very close relationship with Gil Navarro, someone who does not advocate for students other than his own and is currently causing trouble for Esther Estrada, Casa Ramona Academy for Technology and Community Education Charter School. Now one thing we can count on is Joe will support the national democratic agenda even if it is a little late sometimes in my opinion. These are a few of the things hard working Joe is going to have to overcome if he wants the loyalty and affection of the people as they gave the late Congressman George Brown.

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This is part of the rationale in my delay on making any recommendations for these two districts. While I am leaning to my national democratic party for policies of inclusion and protection, these individuals leave a lot to be desired for my people on the local level. When you think of the double digit unemployment rate, low academic achievement gap, high dropout rate, high home foreclosures of Blacks, locally you want representatives you think that care. When you hear of the health care indicator disparities: the highest number of people of color that are uninsured for health care at 50%, twice as likely to have diabetes, 67% more likely to die when diagnosed with breast cancer, 83,000 deaths each year are attributable to racial identified health disparities, it begs to wonder why the Republicans have pledged to repeal Obama’s health care plan if they take over congress.

It points out that the local Black community has to develop an agenda that they present to all candidates as a “Pledge to the district Blacks” of things we need and want as taxpayers in public policy. I am going to ask my staff to communicate with these candidates to seek clarification on their personal positions before I put a check besides their name.

The Hand Writing is on the wall Penman

If you have been following the action around the charter change issue of Measure C, it is clear to me that it is in motion to be passed by the voters in November. It does not mean that there is not a lot of hardwork ahead for its supporters however, the handwriting on the wall is the opposition, thank God, keeps getting knocked down. I warned Penman not to mess with God’s anointed ones, especially Pastor Raymond Turner. The Black clergy association and their members have found their collective voice in support of him and the faith community Even though Measure C is not about Jim Penman or Wendy McCammack, they are the lead spokespersons at city hall council meetings when related topics come up. At Mondays meeting, they lost a vote (5-2) to have Penman’s undercover detectives provide security services at council meetings instead of uniform police officers. I agree with the council and police chief, it is better to have uniform officers do the job.

At a previous meeting, Penman and McCammack had to admit and agree that Bishop Philip Powell, President of IECAAC was right in saying there was duplication of services on Penman’s staff. Penman lost his court challenge to have all county voter guide language relating to budget savings thrown out when Measure C passes. I also noticed at the last meeting one of Penman’s staunch supporters did not mention anything about Rosa Parks or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his presentation.

Yes, just like the Handwriting on the Wall in the book of Daniels 5:25-28, Measure C is destined to pass. Vote Yes on Measure C.

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+1 # Guest 2010-10-07 16:16
I am very disturbed by your comment that Bill Hedrick "led the fight to remove all Blacks from the school board." I know Bill Hedrick and he would never do any such thing.

Bill has worked to elect the most qualified people to the Rialto school board. The color of their skin has had nothing to do with whether he favors them.

Like you, I want "more colorful" boards, councils, and legislatures all over America. But if I have a choice between color and competence, I promise you I will choose competence every single day of the week.

Will you do the same?
0 # Guest 2010-10-07 09:27
I appreciate your input Mr. Brown and look forward to your staff findings. Hope to see your final reccommendations soon,

Thank you
James Dudley

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