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S.B. Councilmember McCammack agrees with Bishop Powell

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Last Monday at the San Bernardino City Council meeting during a discussion over a motion offered by Council Member Rikke Van Johnson, Wendy McCammack said I agree with the Bishop that there is duplicate service by the City attorney’s office having police detectives and code enforcement employees, which are in other departments.

This discussion came about when Johnson introduced a motion, requested by the Inland Empire Concerned African American Churches for the council to say they do not harbor the same feelings as City Attorney Jim Penman exhibited toward Pastor Ray Turner and the faith community. Bishop Powell cited the past First Nazarene Church as one of their reasons for the motion but would settle for a discussion.

According to Powell, the discussion was beneficial to them “because of McCammack’s statement of duplication of service and Tobin Brinker’s comment that we see Jim Penman as a city attorney all the time, is actually how we see a major portion of the issue.

What I would like to know is did Penman receive any kind of compensation from the city while doing personal work on his lawsuit. Did he get sick pay, vacation pay when he went to counsel with his attorney or when he filed his paperwork to the court or the time he spent during the trial? If he received any compensation during any of that work, then did he commit a fraud claiming to be a private citizen doing personal work? Does his paycheck reflect a non-payment of city funds for taking personal time off?

I don’t know what the city personnel policy is on time away from the job but the council should investigate this issue of payment with the dates in questions.

Even though the motion failed because Brinker withdrew his second, the discussion was enlightening for the citizens and I thank the clergy for bringing it to the council.


(partial listing)

I have listed this week a partial listing of the candidates we are supporting for the up coming November election. We have reviewed their information and talked with many of them or their staff before we came to our decision. You will notice that we have selected a cross section of our community when it come to diversity of race, gender, age, political party and they all have one common thread of inclusion as part of their platform.

Barbara Boxer for U. S. Senator

Barbara Boxer has been a fighter and good representative for the people of California in my opinion. I say my opinion because some think she is way too liberal on some issues and while that might be so, when you compare her against her opponent, Carly Fiorina, Boxer wins my vote. In a telephone conference with Fiorina, Carly said to us, if elected I want to repeal the healthcare bill signed into law by President Barack Obama and she offered nothing in its place.

Boxer is more inclusive in her approach to providing opportunities for all citizens of this diverse state and of large and small business.

Kamala Harris for Attorney General

Kamala Harris has implemented some very promising intervention and suppression programs in San Francisco that would help us reduce the incarceration rate of our young people. She is also tough on crime and those who violate the law while being aware of the unfairness of the justice system to Blacks, Hispanics and the poor without financial resources for proper representation.

Tom Torlakson for Superintendent of Public Education

Tom Torlakson has been in the class room as a teacher and served as a legislator in Sacramento. He knows the plight of our schools and what needs to be changed in our system that is now failing so many of children.

Gloria Negrete McLeod for Senator 32nd District

Gloria Negrete McLeod has served this community well in every capacity she has been in. Her wisdom and knowledge of Sacramento is second to none and therefore she should be re-elected.

Wilmer Amina Carter for 62nd Assembly District

Wilmer Amina Carter has served us well as an effective member of the assembly over the past four years and deserves to be returned. She has been as “steady as a rock” in staying the course to our true values in dealing with some divisive issues in the legislature. She has championed the cause of better education, health care and transportation in the Inland Empire.

Renea Wickman for Assembly 63rd District

This is a Republican district that has as many crooks and turns as a sidewinder snake crawling on hot sand, reaching into two counties and every city from Rancho Cucamonga to Yucaipa in San Bernardino and then into High Grove and Moreno Valley. However the diversity of the population has changed bringing about a need for a different kind of leadership.

A leadership that is more inclusive in policies that are carried forth on behalf of its citizens. I think Wickman with her labor background and community service experience is just what the people in the 63rd need at this time.

Acquanetta Warren for Mayor of Fontana

Acquanetta Warren will bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and service to the position of mayor if elected. She has served on the council since 2002 and currently serves as Mayor ProTem. She is employed as public works director in Upland. She has served on many important commissions that provide critical services to the city and if that is not enough her political reputation reaches into Sacramento. This is required when a city the size of Fontana gets ready to do certain things, plus Fontana’s citizens need to keep that long arm reach which is a part of their history. In her bid for the assembly, Warren was on the wrong side of the illegal immigration issue but that is not enough to keep her from providing leadership to Fontana.

Fontana has come a long way from the Kaiser Steel and heavy labor union days but the healthcare workers still carry the United Steel Workers of America banner at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center on Sierra Avenue and the local school district. The community has increased its diversity and any leader must embrace a policy of inclusion and Acquanetta has demonstrated she is capable of doing.

Warren has the ability and experience to articulate the vision of the city to its people and the adjourning communities of the Inland Empire. As Fontana was recently named one of the best communities for young people. Now it is up to the voters to select Acquanetta Warren as its next mayor.

Sophia Green for Fontana School Board

Sophia Green is an educator and is now willing to share her education, experience and knowledge of the classroom with that of policy makers. Fontana has had problems with keeping superintendents in the past but that can be remedied with the proper management and temperament of cooler heads on the board. Also the issue of diversity has plagued this board since I can remember and now with Green that can be resolved quickly plus she is genuinely concerned and committed to educating all children. If the leadership is together at the board the children will fall in line, I think Green can help in that area.

Joanne Gilbert for Rialto School Board

Joanne Gilbert has served with distinction the children and citizens of Rialto and deserves re-election. There are some district employees, teachers association, dissatisfied with her because she supported past Superintendent Edna Herring’s recommendations on some issues. Being a past board member that is something that will happen from time, just like some teachers will disagree with tactics or what the leadership recommends sometimes. Gilbert needs to be reelected to the board.

Janice Rutherford for County Supervisor 2nd District

This county has been reeling and rocking from the election of corrupt supervisors with special agendas. Now we have the opportunity to send someone there to help Supervisor Josie Gonzales provide positive leadership with integrity for the county. Janice comes with year’s experience of working at the Board of Equalization with Bill Leonard and serving as a city council member in Fontana. She brings integrity and transparency with her which are two main ingredients needed on the 5th floor of the county seat.

Corey Jackson For County School Board Area D

Corey is very energetic, a well educated ball of energy with much community experience that can help develop policies to assist the superintendent in accomplishing the goals of educating all students in the county. This the largest county, land size, with many diverse issues facing the county department of education and Corey brings experience of being a student board member in Rialto and as an appointed member of student affairs by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the university council at California State San Bernardino.

Amos Isaac for Redlands School Board

Dr. Isaac has tried for many years to serve his community in the capacity of a policy maker for which I think he could make a difference. Amos has the education, community and world experience to contribute to the discussion prior to decisions being made and implemented. His low key persona gives one the impression of not being up to the task but believe me he always comes prepared to discuss his point of view.

Redlands City Council, NO on Paul Foster

While I do not offer the citizens a choice of who to vote for, I do offer you a choice of who not to vote for and that is Paul Foster. I had the unlucky opportunity of working with this man at a local hospital. One question is what is his views on diversity, inclusion and treatment of Blacks and Hispanics in the workplace? The last question is why are you seeking this office? He has a charming personality, but...

Jose Medina for Assembly 64th District

Jose has served us with distinction as a member of the Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees and would do the same in our legislative branch of government in Sacramento. He is hard working and has a collaborative and inclusive style of leadership, which means everyone, has a voice with no group being left out of the discussion. To him no child should be left behind and no business left out of public policy.

Virginia Blumenthal for Community College Trustee

Virgina has a proven track record of being a leader on the board and in the community. She is well respected in her profession where she has a very successful law firm. She has been and is an advocate for the less fortunate in our community. She continues to serve our community and community college students well.

Ivan Chand For County Auditor

Ivan Chand comes highly qualified and recommended for the position he is seeking. Outgoing Auditor Controller Robert Byrd gives Chand high praise as well as members from the county board of supervisors. His professional experience involves serving as Assistant Auditor Controller, Finance Director of Flood Control District and Chief Financial Officer of the Transportation Commission. He has a Masters of Public Administration from California State San Bernardino and Bachelor in Accounting from La Sierra University. Chand says “making integrity count” with accuracy, efficiency and collaborative efforts from everyone is one of his goals.

Deborah “Debbie” Franklin For Banning City Council

Debbie brings experiences and a commitment of community service that is genuine for the citizens of Banning. She includes all citizens in her decision making process regardless of status or lot in life which is good governance qualities. She is also a fighter of fairness and is constantly seeking outside resources to bring to her community. This community located just north of Palm Spring is fortunate to have Debbie as an advocate on the council.

Bonnie Flickinger for Moreno Valley City Council

Bonnie is a go-getter for not only Moreno Valley but the entire region of the Valley. She is a strong supporter of the March Life Care Medical Center being proposed by Don Ecker and his development corporation. Bonnie says this project will bring thousands of jobs and other business opportunities to the region and Moreno Valley in particular. Bonnie is also supportive of bringing improved services to her city and is a consistent presence at community events. I recommend that the voters return Bonnie to office so her hands on style of leadership can move the project along.

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