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Jim Penman lost his lawsuit to God's Anointed One Pastor Turner

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Last week I wrote that City Attorney Jim Penman had a fool for a client. Well by Friday’s court appearance, his side had two attorneys representing him in court for the lawsuit. Now I don’t know why he hired the lawyers but from what I have been told it was a circus with Jim Penman, his wife Judy Penman, and City Councilmember Wendy McCammack having to constantly feed their lawyers information to present their case. It was clear from observers that Penman’s attorneys were ill prepared. Apparently they made so much noise in the courtroom the bailiff had to admonish them to keep quiet. Looking on as his supporters were former mayor Evelyn Wilcox and the city attorney’s staff, who made sure people knew they were not on the city clock.

This lawsuit came about when private citizens decided to seek a charter change to have the city attorney, treasurer and clerk position be appointed instead of by election. The citizens believe this will save the taxpayers millions plus add professionalism in our city government. When four members of the city council voted to move the charter change forward with the accepted language, Penman disagreed and elected to sue Pastor Ray Turner and others who signed the voter pamphlet that will be shared with the voters. Penman identified thirteen things he said were false and misleading, in other words, Penman was calling Turner and the rest of the group liars. Well the judge ruled in favor of Turner on ten of the items saying that Penman failed to refute the claim that there would be no savings.

Penman not only lost in court but as stipulated if he lost, he would pay court cost plus the attorney fees for Turner and the others since he brought the action.

God has a sense of humor when it comes to Penman’s loss in court to Pastor Turner and Penman’s financial support for Measure C. I warned Penman not to mess with God’s anointed ones because when you do, you lose.

James Ramos For Community College Trustee

Seldom does an elected official come along that everyone seems to enjoy their company or like the way they vote or what they represent; well James Ramos is one of them.

James was elected to the San Bernardino Community College Board of Trustees four years ago and since that time has won the respect of his colleagues becoming president of the board. James has a unifying leadership style with a vision of where he wants the college district to go.

When you hear James talk about his faith in God, Indian heritage, integrity and perseverance of his people during some hostile treatment from society, you feel his pride. And, you see how that has translated into a positive force. James gives freely of his time, talent, and resources to the community while being engaged with his own people combating unique issues facing the youth of San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

The community is fortunate to have James serve as a representative on the San Bernardino Community College Board of Trustees.

Virginia Blumenthal For Community College Trustee

The Riverside Community College System and citizens are fortunate to have a community servant and leader like Virginia Blumenthal. Her leadership in the community is about inclusion and fairness of others. Those leadership qualities have not gone unnoticed by her colleagues on the board because they elected her vice and president of the board in her first term. Usually the newcomers on the board are told to wait for the honor of leadership positions.

Virginia has a long history of honorable community service in her faith and legal profession. She has done it with compassion and empathy towards the people in the community regardless of race or status.

The community is fortunate to have Virginia serve as our representative on the Riverside Community College Board of Trustees.

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