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Penman: Don't Mess with God's Anointed Ones

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There are two things you don’t do to or in the Black community; and that is talk negative about our mama or fight with our pastors. Well, Jim Penman, city attorney of San Bernardino has gone so far as to sue Pastor Ray Turner of Temple Missionary Baptist Church for exercising his constitutional right. Pastor Turner and many other citizens including, City Treasurer David Kennedy and City Clerk Rachel Clark (both elected) are requesting of voters to have their positions along with the city attorney be appointed by the mayor and council members. The resolution was adopted by four city council members with three voting no to have it come before the voters in November.

This act by Rev. Turner has made Penman upset enough to sue Pastor Turner and of course it has made the African American community boiling mad. For Penman’s information, the word of God cautions us about how to deal with His anointed ones. We recite often Psalm 105:15 in the Black community “Do not touch My anointed ones, do My prophets no harm”. We do not take it kindly when anyone tries to bring harm against them.

However, we noticed Penman has very little respect for our clergy or our places of worship here in the city. It was just a little while ago that he took on Pastor Rohn and the Nazarene Church by telling them who could or could not be members of their congregation. He lost that battle with God’s anointed one and he is about to lose another. Has his law degree and the position of city attorney taken over his once reasonable way of doing things? When he was at the Home of Neighborly Service, this side of Penman did not show itself at least in public, what happened?

I want you to know we will be lifting Pastor Turner up in prayers and another prayer for you. I remember someone telling the story of Sheriff Eugene “Bull” Connors during the height of the civil rights movement. For those who do not know Bull Connors was the sheriff in Alabama that put the water hose and attack dogs on Black citizens for exercising their constitutional rights to assemble in public. The story was “everything was going alright until those colored people started praying on him”. Well Penman we are praying in unity.

We will be registering people to vote. We will be keeping our eye on you to see how you are spending your time as city attorney. In other words, we do not want you to get taxpayers dollars to use against Pastor Turner or us. You have tried to silence those who disagree with your position but you cannot silence us with threats and lawsuits, especially when it is against God’s anointed ones.

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0 # Guest 2010-09-03 08:06
I have had to deal with Penman in the past. When I was a city bus driver, he(Penman) tried to use our retirement to pay some bills for the city. He lost that effort also. remember, keep your enemy in your sight, and do not get too comfortable with him/her.
0 # Guest 2010-09-02 15:18
I wasn't sure what the article was about til almost the end. Religion and politics are not to be mixed. A minister has no business in politics. With that said, there was a mention of racial prejudice, then schools, then church, then politics, what exactly was the point of this article, I think it was mainly about Penman.
I do not understand why the schools, but I do not think blacks need a separate school, what gives them the right to special prevlidges? Can a while child attend? The parents need to spend some time with them, teach them to learn and the importance of education.. and God. Then when I ask them something, they won't say "Axe the neigbor, cause I don't know niothing".

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