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Maxine Waters' Alleged Ethics Violation is a Charade

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The Board of the Office of Congressional Ethics, OCE, by a vote of no less than four members on July 24, 2009 adopted the following report and ordered it to be transmitted to the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct of the United States House of Representatives. The subject was Representative Maxine Waters. The nature of her alleged violation is as follows: “Maxine Waters made a request in September 2008 to then Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson that Treasury Department officials meet with representatives from the National Bankers Association.

A meeting was in fact granted shortly thereafter. However, at the meeting, and in the follow-up activity that occurred through Representative Waters’ Congressional office, the discussion centered on a single bank—One United.

Representative Waters’ husband had been a board member of One United from 2004 to 2008 and, at the time of the meeting was a stock holder of the bank. Representative Waters’ may have violated House Rule 23, clause (by permitting compensation to accrue to her beneficial interest) and House precedent regarding conflict of interest.”

According to an article in the New York Times, Leo Wise, chief council for the OCE is quoted as saying there is a “three level standard of proof” they have before his agency passes along a recommendation to the congressional committee to conduct a trial regarding any allegation of wrongdoing. Wise is also quoted in the same article that “facts don’t tarnish peoples’ reputation, facts are facts.”

In my reading, the allegations surrounding Congresswoman Waters, are now being reported as fact by the White controlled media.

Mr. Wise is smart enough to know that when a White American publicly says something negative about a Black person it become a fact even when it is a lie.

Almost 30% of White America believes President Obama is not an American and it is a lie. The woman who drowned her children and told the public a Black man took her car and her children was not questioned at first because of the unspoken belief that Black men are criminals. Even more recent is the famous case of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates who was arrested for trying to break into his own house. There are many more examples and national surveys to back up this statement regarding how Whites perceive Black Americans. Mr. Wise is a smart --- man out to make a name for himself as a “Black dragon slayer” to enhance his reputation at others expense. I use the term “Black Dragon Slayer” because the majority of representatives he is going after are African American. Mr. Wise uses the carefully worded language in his report -- “may have violated House Rule 23”. Mr. Wise you did the investigation, did your facts of “may have violate” pass the three level standards you spoke about in the article?

Well Mr. Wise and the unfair nationally owned media in America, we might not print everyday, and we may not own any television stations but the Black Media owners of California and America stand behind and with our friend Maxine Waters. On a personal note my family has known Maxine and her husband Sidney for over forty years long before she became an elected official; I or others who know her have never questioned her integrity.

She hasn’t fought to enhance her pocketbook but has put her political reputation on the line many times for those who could not speak for themselves like the National Bankers Association. This association reached out to Maxine for the meeting because they were being ignored as the Bush administration doled out $740 Billion of our taxpayer’s funds to banks that do not serve Black America. These financial institutions did not have to call anyone because the government called them to come and get the money even if they did not need it. Maxine was not a part of the discussion or any meetings with the Black Bankers that may have come about as a result of our nation’s financial bailout. It is a fact that the Black community and businesses are still lingering under the current depression and our banking institutions were given only $12 million dollars to cover all minority banks in America. That is a crying shame when you look at the facts of Blacks, Hispanics and Asian bankers in America. According to my research there are a combined total of 50 banks owned by these minority groups and they would not have received that $12 million if they had not called Maxine Waters. Maxine did what any elected official should do when presented with such a blatant problem of disparity in public policy. Are we not Americans too?

Mr. Wise, why don’t you investigate the ethics of how all of the government money finds its way into institutions where there is real corruption? To do that would lead to your silence in the media and around Washington.

I am writing this today to tell Maxine that do not give in to this charade of unethical justice by Mr. Wise and the biased media. We know who you are and whose you are. They did not put you there and they cannot take you away. Keep on telling our story of being underserved by the government we pay taxes to and continue to say it as loud as thunder.

Let us know what we can do to help you in this hour of need.

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0 # Guest 2011-11-29 12:54
As a Black American, I find this article highly offensive and a very racially centered piece eventhough the allegations have nothing to do with ethnicity.

She broke the law and you let her get away with it because of the color of her skin? That is racism! How dare you try to seperate Americans on racial grounds. You should be ashamed of yourself.

The facts are that her husbands stock dropped 50% from 350,000 that he had in the bank. The bank DID receieve TARP funds to the tune of 13 million dollars. She should not have even been involved with it at all.

She knew she was breaking the rules and she did it anyway. Is that the kind of voice that you want for our black community? You want people to break the law knowingly?

This article is a disgrace to Black Americans everywhere. Waters should be impeached!!!

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