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Training for Any Political Office Seekers or Workers

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There is no better time for persons interested in seeking office or helping people to get elected to attend training sessions offered by the San Bernardino Democratic Party and Citizens of the Inland Empire. I have had some good people seeking office come by my office wanting advice on what they should do to get their campaigns off the ground. Some have had no idea on what to do while others know a little bit but have no idea on raising money, getting to the media, how to frame their issues, how to organize a staff and most of all waiting till the last minute to seek advice.

The San Bernardino Democratic Party contact information is Carol Robb at (909) 889-9255 or cell (909) 835-7278. The session will be held at 136 Carousel Mall in Downtown San Bernardino on June 20th from 12 noon to 3pm.

The Democracy for America session hosted by Corey Jackson of Citizens of the Inland Empire will be held at Cal State University of San Bernardino. The sessions will be conducted on July 10th and 11th. Corey’s contact information is (909) 645-8534. To view a video on training, visit www.democracyforamerica.com/training.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in local politics as a candidate or working in someone’s campaign sign up for these sessions. This can make your input into candidates more valuable and gain respect from the people you are trying to help. Take it from me when people believe you know what you are talking about they listen. A lot of concerned people go to candidates and offer ideas only to become frustrated because no one listens to them. Once you have an idea of how campaigns are organized and run you become aware of what the candidate is trying to do and what it takes to get elected.

For example Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner have spent almost $100 million during the primary campaign trying to get the Republican voters to vote for them. Most or all of the money went to television, mailers to Republicans, renting space for events, and high priced consultants. The Democrats have not spent much because many had few challengers during the primary but that changed after Tuesday.

We have some people in the Black media with a mostly Democratic readership wondering why they did not advertise with us. It is clear to me as a former office holder and seeker of public office why we have not reaped any of their spending during the primary, however that will be different during the general election in November. Why? Because the Republicans will have to reach our readers to get their message out and the Democrats will want to hold on to their voters.

If the Black voters think or feel that the Democrats are taking them for granted, they will bolt to the other candidates especially if the Republican candidates reach out to them in a big way. Tom Bradley lost his shot at the governorship when his advisors told him that Blacks are going to vote for him so he didn’t have to run a campaign in their community. By Bradley heeding this advice, the Black voters did not turn out in big numbers, which Bradley needed to offset the number of Democratic voters not ready for a Black Governor of California.

The San Bernardino Teachers Association did not endorse my first term for school board because they had listened to so called experts before talking with me. But they did have the late Royce Bell, political committee chairman meet with me at Denny’s on South “E” Street during the campaign to ask me why I was running. I shared with him why and how I was going to do it with the finances to make it happen. He went back to the committee and told them I knew what I was doing and that they should give me some money even though they had endorsed someone else. They did not only give me some money during the election but gave me a birthday party after the election to help pay off campaign loan obligations.

By you attending these workshops you become better informed on how to seek office and how to help lead your community to develop better office holders. It will not require that much of your time for the benefits you will gain. If you are a member of your church’s social action committee or NAACP political action committee or any social action group, it would be beneficial to have someone attend. If you are thinking about running for school board, city council, water board or to lead your organization this is your opportunity to get information on how to do it.

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