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June 8th is Election Day Next Tuesday

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We should be excited about election day coming up next Tuesday because we have the opportunity to participate in our democracy. We can vote ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ on issues for or against candidates seeking office. I remember listening to my parents with their brothers and sisters discussing the people they were going to vote for and the reasons why and now I am doing the same thing, only I don’t have to pay poll tax or take a test. We have overcome so much in our democracy to get the right to vote so please do not let the opportunity escape you this Tuesday.

I want to thank the many readers who have commented to my wife that they look forward to reading my election voters guide during each election. I also want you to know we cherish the trust you have placed in us so we work even harder to reach out to candidates who share our values in our pursuit of happiness.

There is a chance history could be made in the 63rd Assembly District if Acquanetta Warren-Harrison of Fontana, wins the Republican Party primary, where she will run against Rene Wickman of Redlands, a Democrat. It would pit two African American females against one another in this heavy Republican registered district. Something unthought of a few years ago here in the Inland Empire. The Republicans could help overcome the racial image of this district if they elect Acquanetta as their nominee.

I have added a few new endorsements to my previous list: my friend Jerome Horton to the Board of Equalization in Los Angeles, Janice Rutherford for Supervisor in San Bernardino and Barbara Chavez and Fran Givens to the Democratic Central Committee.

My recommendation for statewide office and local office are as follows:


Kamala Harris for Attorney General
Gloria Romero for Superintendent of Public Instruction
Gloria Negrete McLeod for Senator
Wilmer Amina Carter for 62nd Assembly District


Marion Ashley for County Supervisor
John J. Benoit for County Supervisor
John Tavaglione for County Supervisor
Dale Kinnear for Superintendent of School
Paul Zellerbach for District Attorney
Stan Sniff for Sheriff


Janice Rutherford for 2nd District Supervisor
Gary Thomas for Superintendent of School
Mike Ramos for District Attorney
Rod Hoops for Sheriff

62nd District Democratic Central Committee

Barbara Chavez
Fran Givens

Proposition 13 – YES
Proposition 14 – NO
Proposition 15 – NO
Proposition 16 – YES
Proposition 17 – NO

Riverside City Council Listen to the People

There is a cloud of suspicion still hanging over Riverside City Hall’s elected officials and the Riverside Police Department after allegations of Chief Russ Leach driving under the influence last February. The handling of the incident appears to the public that the chief received special treatment by his staff and the policymakers in the city. The chief was stopped at 3 am in the morning smelling of alcohol, no lights turned on, the front end of the car was smashed in, and his front tire was shredded from driving it several miles on a flat. The officers decided not to give him a sobriety test nor arrest him but elected to take him home. The officer who made the decision to take him home is now in charge of the police department.

Now the mayor and council are facing questions from citizens on the Eastside of town concerning the selection of a new chief. I agree with the Eastside Citizen Think Tank Committee that a halt should be put on the selection of a new chief until the clouds have become clear on what happened during the Chief Leach incident.

When these citizens led by Mary Figueroa reviewed the history of our police department, it conjures up memories of how they handled other incident investigation.

Transparency and inclusiveness are the political words of the current generation and the mayor and council should take heed to them. The Black and Latino communities perspective on police matters are brought on by years of personal experience of favoritism and promises of secret investigations that are never reported out to the public by well meaning elected officials.

So we urge the council to report out to the public so the city can move forward and select a chief to lead the police department. Without the report, selecting a new chief will only continue this divide of mistrust between the citizens and the people the police are supposed to protect and serve. Do the right thing by the people and not put handcuffs on the new chief without doing what the people want. Blow this cloud away while you can.

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