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Gloria Romero for Superintendent of Public Instruction

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In the movie “The Music Man” starring Robert Preston and Shirley Jones, Preston sings the song “Ya Got Trouble -Right Here In River  City”. It is a song about the opening of a pool hall in the community and the negative effect it could have on the town especially the youth. In the real life of the African American community in California “we got real trouble”, trouble with a capitol “T” when it comes to the public education system and Black Students. The system is failing them in a big way in every category and it is not the children’s fault.

We must plead their cause and get help from as many sources and people who are willing to change the paradigm. We need friends who are willing to stand up to big teacher’s unions and political party leaders of the current system and “think out side of the box” to borrow another popular quote of the day.

That is why I want to recommend that we elect Senator Gloria Romero, democrat from Los Angeles as the next Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of California.

Senator Romero came from a family similar to many Black families, where her mother had only a 6th grade education yet, Gloria earned her PhD. and knows what a good education can do in transforming your life. She has said with emphasis that “California cannot fully compete in the 21st century economy unless we close the achievement gap for all students”, not some but all students.

To demonstrate her commitment to that, back in March she signed a letter with some of Los Angeles leading Black educators and civil rights organization’s addressed to the office of civil rights identifying its failure to focus on LAUSD’S low achieving Black students.

If that was not enough just two weeks ago she led a senate education committee hearing on a republican sponsored bill, with opposition of the California Teachers Association (CTA). They have since taken out television ads to villify and demonize her as anti union, nothing could be further from the truth.

Gloria has received the “Justice Award” from the California Faculty Association for her commitment to workers rights. She continues to be a card carrying member of the Faculty Union Association of California. What Gloria has done is started the legislative ball rolling to remove some of the barriers to good quality classroom teaching in our school system affecting our children.

Gloria is also taking flack within the Democratic Party from the senate leadership. We want them to know Gloria is not in this by herself and we support her 100 percent. We want Gloriato know we are standing with her in “pleading the cause of our children” in public education because “we got trouble - right here in California” with our current education system teaching Black children.

We therefore recommend you vote for Gloria Romero as Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Rod Pacheco Afraid of Black Community

It was during the height of the 1999 weekly demonstrations after the shooting death of Tyisha Miller by four White police officers that then Assembly member Rod Pacheco came face-to-face with the Tyisha Miller Steering Committee. The protestors were returning back to city hall when they decided to stop by the Assembly members office located on University Ave. Pacheco was casually dressed and was surprised to see 50+ constituents crowding his office to ask him questions regarding police abuse and the shooting. Pacheco later moved his office without street access and sought the advice of Attorney Jack Clarke, Jr. on how he should proceed in working with the committee on this issue.

Now it seems as though District Attorney Rod Pacheco hasn’t changed taking it out on the Black community and their organizations by not meeting with them according to an article in the Press Enterprise. A candidate debate was recently held for incumbent Pacheco and candidate Paul Zellerbach.

Zellerbach showed, Pacheco was a no-show. In the article, Pacheco is alleged to have said the groups opposed to his 2007 gang injunction were involved in organizing the forum and that is why he was choosing to not participate. If this is true, then it is my belief that Mr. Pacheco cannot be impartial in administering justice to all the people of Riverside County, especially the African American community.

If my assessment of his actions is wrong, then I would like for the District Attorney to fully explain why he will not meet with the Riverside NAACP President Waudier Rucker Hughes or Jennifer Vaughn Blakely of The Group or other members within the African American community.

Mr. DA the NAACP and The Group are outstanding organizations led by two of Riverside’s finest citizens. The NAACP witnessed one of their very own, Thurgood Marshall sworn-in as a justice several decades ago. Would you have been afraid to meet with him? Yes, Mr. DA please come clean with all of us and tell us the real reason you are afraid of the Black community.

Proposition Recommendations

PROPOSITION 13 YES, to improve the safety of un-reinforced masonry buildings.

PROPOSITION 14 NO, the current system serves us well by having those members of party affiliation voting for their members. Open primaries will allow for political party manipulation in the primary.

PROPOSITION 15 NO, it is written that fees will be raised on lobbyists to fund political campaigns, however we know that loopholes are always found by the rich. The current system makes it hard for the little guy but we have found ways to win.

No need to change something we now know.

PROPOSITION 17 NO, to borrow a statement from former Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi, when was the last time an insurance company put something on the ballot to lower your rates? Never.

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