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Keep Robert Byrd as Auditor-Controller

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Hardy L. Brown
Robert Byrd is a low key kind of man but as Riverside County’s “fiscal overseer” he is well respected. With responsibility to keep the citizens properly informed on how our dollars are spent he uses a well trained professional staff and advanced technology. One example of the use of technology is in the collection of child support payments by garnishment of wages. I am sure the parents of the children are grateful for this more consistent form of payment from those fathers who other wise might be late with payment or not pay at all.  Integrity is one of the qualities needed for this office and Byrd brings that and more. He is well educated and properly trained to carry out his duties. Also Byrd is involved with the community, which is rare for people elected to this office around the state. In my conversations with him over the past several years, he always has the citizens as his greatest concerns.  Let’s keep Robert Byrd as our Auditor-Controller for Riverside County.

Dennis Baxter for 2nd Ward city council

I have disagreed with Dennis Baxter regarding his decision to support Don Imus’ program as manager of one of our local radio stations, but that is not enough for me to over look the good he has done for the city. His knowledge of the city can be contributed to the fact he was born and raised here. He lives in the home his parents raised him in, which is just a block down the street from our Black Voice News office on Waterman Avenue. He stops by from time to time to keep us informed of the goings on at city hall.  Dennis is one of the more progressive thinkers on the council and is always looking forward without throwing mud at his colleagues. His radio voice gives him a huge edge when speaking at he council. In addition, he is thoughtful in his decision making and it reflects in his voting record.

Now he has his adversaries on the council but they do not distract him nor make him lose his composure.  This demeanor is more than needed when you have others who love to act out their frustrations when things don’t go their way.

He is a strong supporter of crime intervention, prevention and suppression programs, which brought the city national recognition. While he is a strong believer in law and order he is not a lap dog for the police association. He recognizes his responsibility as a policymaker while understanding the need for all city employees and what they bring to the city.  Keep Dennis Baxter as 2nd ward city council member.

Chuck Beaty on the School Board in Riverside

For years Chuck Beaty served us well on the city council and my staff went to him for answers to questions we had about the city. His same commitment to the city has been transferred to the children of the Riverside Unified School District. My evaluation of Chuck is the children are his first love and that is because education is his first love. He retired from teaching before seeking the council seat.  Even though we have no African Americans serving on the Board of Education for the 15th largest district in the state, they are represented well in Chuck and Lewis Vanderzyl with proven track records of speaking and standing for equality of rights. This is not saying the other three are not as committed to equality, just that Chuck and Lewis have gone through the public fire.

Join with us and keep Dr. Chuck Beaty on the Riverside Board of Education.

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