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Pat Morris For Mayor

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Hardy L. Brown

“Don’t Let Go Community”

The late Roy Hamilton sung a song about the girl he finally found to love and she was good for him. She was everything he had been looking for in a help mate. He said, “hear that whistle it’s ten o’clock, don’t let go, don’t let go. Come on baby it’s time to rock, don’t let go, don’t let go. Hound dog barking up side the hill, don’t let go, don’t let go.” There are other words in the song to express the singer’s feelings about the situation and environment around his need to not let her go but I will not spell them out here. I know you are wondering what in the world does this have to do with my support for Pat Morris for Mayor. So, don’t let go.

Pat has demonstrated all of his adult life what responsible citizenship is about. He is a well educated family man and has conducted himself in a responsible and professional way in al l of his careers. He was a leader while serving on the San Bernardino City School Board before being appointed to the judicial bench as a judge.  Most people when they become a judge retreat behind the robe and become invisible to the community, not Morris. He created programs for offenders that became national models for other communities to emulate, illustrating how to bring offenders back as productive members of society. He would take youth on outdoor trips to expose them to nature with a moral lesson on personal responsibility. So, don’t let go.

When cal led upon to run for mayor, he retired as judge to help make the city better. Just like the lady in the song, he is what the city needs. Pat has integrity and other honorable qualities so badly needed at thi s time.  Through Operation Phoenix, Pat has implemented a prevention, intervention, and suppression program that has brought us national recognition on crime reduction from the White House. So don’t let go.

This program brought out the “hounds dogs” on the council and city attorney just barking at every opportunity.  They are still barking even though the evidence is in that says the program is working. So, don’t let go.  Race relations are quite positive right now between city hall and the African-American community because of Pat’s inclusive approach to governing. The city has seen its first African-American city manager and director of parks. That speaks volume in the Black community that we are a part of the fabric of the city. So, don’t let go.  Pat represents us well in the Inland Empire as he interacts with other elected and business leaders and carries out his duties as mayor. When conducting the city’s business during the council meeting he is always courteous and respectful even when others are rude toward him.  So, don’t let go.

Currently Pat is leading the charge to ensure more kids are prepared to enter kindergarten at the age of four.  When asked why he i s leading the charge on education he said; “Our city’s future is at stake. While we focus on creating a better city today, we cannot forget our future”.  Pat has served us well the past four years and his leadership deserves our support for four more. So don’t forget to register and vote in November to re-elect Pat Morris for mayor and “don’t let go”.

L. A. Police Dept. Sending Mix Signals To Community In Jackson Investigation

In the investigation of the death of Michael Jackson, we are beginning to learn that the Los Angeles Police Department held reports in confidence while completing their investigation. They said they did not want misinformation out in the public that would contaminate potential jurists just in case criminal charges might be filed. So what transpired during the last five weeks?  Every other day some high ranking police manager would cal l a member of the press to tell them what was going on in the investigation. Now mind you they never called any of the Black owners of media in or out of Los Angeles. I wonder why? I also wonder why they called any media since they are the ones who wanted to keep their investigation confidential .

I have always heard police say, “it is a crime to lie to the police, so don’t give us misinformation”. Yet this past week after five weeks of interviewing Michael ’s doctor there is a discrepancy in the police report and what the doctor said he told them according to the doctor’s lawyer. Now what should the public believe? We remember what the police told us in the Rodney King case, even though the video film told us another story. We also remember what the jury did after they listened and reviewed the evidence presented to them.  Locally in Riverside we know what the police report said and what a later report indicated happened and the city settled for $3 million dollars in the Tyisha Miller shooting death.

The police sends mix signals al l across the country when i t comes to handling, investigating, and recording cases that involve Black citizens.

Now mind you, no one wants any person to go unpunished for wrongdoing in the death of Michael Jackson but we want justice done in the appropriate way.  The police saying that they want things to be confidential while feeding information to the media i s not the way to build confidence with the Black community. With the L.A. Police reportedly saying one thing and the witness saying something else is not the way to build credibility with a community where none existed.

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