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Ronald “Ron” Loveridge For Mayor

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Hardy L. Brown
Ron Loveridge has been good for the community of Riverside and the entire region we call the Inland Empire.

This quiet mannered man has served us well as a public  servant as a council member and as mayor. He is like a captain of a ship standing at the stern weathering through rainstorms at sea or sun shiny days: it is always “steady as we go”. Riverside, like other cities, has had its share of economic, racial, business and housing issues during Mayor Loveridge’s tenure but he always rose to meet the challenge.

While the mayor’s main job is the city’s official spokesperson for interpreting policies, programs and identifying needs; he also reaches out into the community to encourage involvement and represent the city to the Inland Empire, state, nation and international communities.  Locally you will find the mayor at community events always speaking positively about the city and plans being discussed. Another thing we like about Ron is that he listens.  One of the things he acted on was the Grier Pavilion idea, which is now a reality for citizens to enjoy when they visit city hall thanks to Sylvia Martin James and Mayor Loveridge. This Pavilion sits atop city hall and is named after Barnett and the late Eleanor Grier, two of Riverside’s most active civil rights, social and business conscious citizens. Many cities and corporations have policies that speak of “inclusion” but few take the time to ensure that it becomes a reality. The Grier Pavilion and contracting with minority firms are evidence of Ron’s leadership to see that policies have action. 

As a national leader, Ron was elected to lead the League of Cities organization while the city received awards for its “green” initiatives. While others did not know what the Green Economy was, Riverside played host to regional civic leaders to map out strategies and develop policies for lawmakers. He knew what was coming before others recognized the need.

Yes, Riverside is fortunate to have a leader like Mayor Loveridge for such as a time as this, one who has vision, a mild temperament, and courage to tackle the issues without a lot of fanfare. We join his many supporters and ask you to support his re-election for mayor.

Conservative Republicans Stir up Hate

The Republican leaders reached into their grab bag and stirred up the old guard using inflammatory buzz words that stir up hate. They have sent out the bulldogs to town hall health care reform meetings like they did during the fifties in the height of the civil rights movement. Anytime you have elected officials holding informative sessions and they are confronted with statements from angry White females saying, “I want you to make sure you return the constitution to what the founding fathers intended it to be”. She is filled with so much anger over the president being Black that she forgot she had no rights under the original constitution and would not have been able to even speak during a public meeting of congress.  I heard another man get up while attending a meeting with President Obama who said I am a current card carrying member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and I believe in the constitution. The president fired back I believe in the constitution also and he should have added as a matter of fact, I have taught constitutional law on the university level.

We also see non-law enforcement showing up at President Obama’s political events packing fire arms. If Black men had stood at a presidential rally packing firearms they would have been shot. By these men getting away with it, what is going to happen when the president is White and the people bearing arms are of another race.  Will law enforcement be as understanding?  These grab bag tactics of the Republican conservative side of the party have touched the racial nerve of some Whites who believe the country has been taken over by Blacks, Jews and Hispanics just because Barack Obama was elected President, Rahm Emanuel is his Chief of Staff, and Sonia Sotomayor is now on the Supreme Court.  It is up to the responsible members of the Republican party to speak out against these kind of divisive untruth grab bag tactics before something un-regrettable happens.  Derailing Obama’s Health Care Reform Movement or removing him from office will never return us to slavery, Jim Crow segregation, sitting in the back of the bus or driving Miss Daisy without prevailing wages, employment benefits and health insurance.

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