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Penman the Muppet Master to run for Mayor

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Hardy L. Brown

"Take time to know him"

I received word last week that Jim Penman presented himself before the local labor council seeking support for his run for mayor of San Bernardino. Now that is ok, but he had not even taken out papers of his intention to run. I also understand that by his side was puppet Wendy McCammack who was supposed to run against incumbent mayor Pat Morris.

Now I know we have many newcomers in the city since the last election who are not familiar with Mr. Penman and his desire to run the city. However if you have attended any meetings or watched them on television you have gotten a glimpse into his behavior or intentions.  So take time to know him.

Back in the early 60’s legendary Blues singer Percy Sledge put out a song “Take time to know her”. It was about a young man who one night came in contact with a lady with a beautiful smile and he said “I want you for my wife.” He took her home and introduced her to his mother, friends and minister. Each one of them said “Take time to know her” and of course he did not listen and married her any way. One day after a few days he came home to find her wrapped up in somebody else’s arms. Penman comes across in a low key manner, which makes one listen to him as though he has your best interest at heart, but let me share with you what I have observed him do as city attorney.  A few years ago Penman proposed to float a charter change to the current system to dilute the power of Black and Hispanic vote in the city. His rationale was that the city had overcome its racial voting tendencies by some whites on the north side of town. He knew from the last elections results that whites voted in greater percentages than Blacks and Latinos thus city wide elections could and would elect the representation in those wards. Thanks to the NAACP and this paper he backed off of that effort.  The Hispanic community should not forget the letter he sent to one Hispanic family, that he would buy a one way ticket back across the border.  And how could any of us forget the actions at the city council meeting with non legal personal history lessons that have nothing to do with the issues at hand. Also, Penman’s preselection and providing some council members with misleading information as to block decisions of the council during discussion.  These few examples should slow you down before joining him on his quest to be mayor. His approach to governing is by intimidation, fear, division and always having a hidden agenda. Like Percy Sledge said in song “Take Time To Know Him”.

Sotomayor “Twice as Good” Confirmed Associate Justice

For many generation of Black Americans we were told by our parents if you want to be hired or promoted you would have to be twice as good as Whites. Well that proved true for President Obama in selecting and nominating Sonya Sotomayor for Associate Justice to the United States Supreme Court.  Now confirmed Associate Justice Sotomayor becomes the first Hispanic to take a seat on the nation’s highest court. This lady was born in poverty but did not let poverty limit her mother’s desire to inspire her daughter to grow beyond those walls.  When most mothers and children would have caved in from the death of a husband and father they just gave life a harder push. Working and studying harder they pushed forward saying “in order to get ahead we have to be twice as good”.

Based on her education and work history she is the most qualified person to become a justice in the last hundred years. Now if that isn’t being twice as good I don’t what is.

I know the Latina community is busting with pride because they - like me - have always known we had the Sonya Sotomayors and Thurgood Marshalls in our community, we just needed the opportunity.  To the Hispanic and African American community there are many more opportunities to come our way for those who prepare and who strive to be twice as good.

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