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CA Supreme Court Rules Marriage is Between a Man and Woman

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Hardy L. Brown
What does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and 70% of the African American voters in California have in common? They believe that “marriage should be between a man and woman” and the California Supreme Court agrees with them in a ruling announced Tuesday. The court left in tact the marriages of same sex couples that were married before the passage of Proposition 8 that amended the constitution with this definition.

Many television pundits and some civil rights advocates are stating that this is a civil rights and equal rights issue.  On the opposite side is the African American church that views this as a moral issue handed down by God as written in the Bible starting with Genesis 2:23 regarding the institution of marriage between a man and woman. The other compelling moral issue is found in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

My pastor, Larry Campbell stated, “I am pleased that the California Supreme Court has taken another step to safeguard the will of the people, but we must continue to fight for Prop. 8 until we are no longer forced to approve of same-sex marriage.”

Even though Blacks voted the way they did they still are the strongest supporters of civil rights for every American including gays and lesbians. The biggest hurdle for same sex marriage proponents to overcome is the argument that compares sexual preference to race for gays and lesbians versus a person being born with the color of their skin.  Blacks always welcomed those who were outcast or down trodden into the neighborhood with a protective shield regardless of color. When President Bill Clinton was being hounded and ridiculed for his indiscretion it was the Black community that took him in. When White females were found to be in relationships with Blacks they was protected by Blacks. These were interpreted as civil rights issues under the law with moral implications not ordered by God.  Any way the African American Clergy sees the decision as a confirmation to what God has given them to preach to their people that a “marriage is between a man and woman”.

President Obama Makes Great Selections

President Obama is continuing to break new ground in American government by appointing Charles Bolden to be the first African American to head NASA and nominating Sonia Sotomayor to take a seat on the United States Supreme Court as the first Hispanic to do so.  When I heard the news about Bolden I thought about the late Congressman George Brown for two reasons. The first one is Brown’s love for NASA and the field of science and the other is his belief and love for diversity in people and ideas.

President Obama is demonstrating what the late Franklin Boeckman, Kaiser Hospital Administrator, would tell his department administrators during my affirmative action meetings. “Don’t come back and tell me you can’t find qualified minorities to fill positions because they have been going to school for a long time.” He would add, “plus I have served along side some smart Blacks and Hispanics in the military.”

I have also noticed that every television talk show, even Fox, have now found people of color to join them. This was unheard of prior to the Obama campaign and now President Obama. I remember something former Assembly member Gwen Moore told me when she was the “whip” and chair of the PUC Committee. Companies would always find a person of color when they came to visit her.  The other thing I have noticed about the Republican critics when it comes to people of color is that the critics have less education and experience than the people they criticize.  When you think of Rush Limbaugh, a high school graduate who dropped out of college after two weeks. Or when you look at the critics in congress most have no real life experience other than serving many years from very conservative districts in the south.

Yes I commend President Obama for showing the nation and world that people of color have had these qualifications for a long time but just needed the opportunity to showcase them. I am confident there are many more standing in the wings to get the nod to serve this great nation that we have helped to build.

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