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The IE at the Crossroads Which Choice Will You Make?

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We are standing at the crossroads during some exciting times in the good ol' Inland Empire. We have so much good and bad happening at the same time in the Black community. We have history in the making with Wilmer Amina Carter preparing to go to Sacramento to represent us in the 62nd Assembly District. Outsiders thought it could not happen because Blacks are small in number in this district so many would not lend a hand in helping her prior to the June 6th election. That outside view has changed and is now in line with our collective belief in quality over numbers and name.

Hardy Brown
We have graduating classes sending out record numbers of students including one school in Riverside that counts  a ten-year-old Black male in its graduating class. By the way, he'll be attending Harvard University in the Fall.

This is in contrast to the highest number of Black students dropping out of our public school system and enrolling into our criminal penal system. We have our streets being filled with our children's blood at the hands of other youth in our community while some meet to correct the community ills that created these unsafe conditions. We have the highest unemployment rates while our sheriff, police, hospitals and schools are looking for employees.

We have illegal immigrants seeking a better way of life in our country while legal citizens are struggling to gain rights promised years ago.

We have tougher sentencing laws and higher wages to keep people incarcerated while investing less to help people succeed in life. We are releasing people from prison in record numbers but providing no assistance to bridge the transition back into our society. We fight to give illegal residents the right to vote while denying legal citizens out of prison a full explanation of their rights to vote. We give them access to free food programs while denying ex-prisoners access to food programs. We give illegal immigrants jobs while denying ex-prisoners employment opportunities.

Yes, we are standing at the crossroads trying to decide which way to turn. Will we be like the five wise or five foolish virgins mentioned in the Bible? Will those who have had proper training and guidance select the road to the good life:  getting an education, starting a business, getting a job, providing for your children, maintaining good health, saving for a rainy day, helping your neighbor, investing in your retirement, helping the less fortunate and promoting the good of your community? Or will others  be like the unwise virgins: partying all night, spending every nickel you earn, not thinking about your neighbor or brother, dropping out of school, renting a home instead of buying?

The choice is yours...which one will you make?

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