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The election for 2004 is over - get ready for the next one

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There are several things that happened during this election year. One, our people care about this country and government. Two, young people of the cell phone generation would not be denied this time around.

Three, Black people in Florida were voting at any cost necessary and by any means necessary. Fourth, the Inland Empire Black citizens had to wait for several hours in certain polling places to vote. And fifth, our citizens who are eligible to vote as ex-felons went to the polls and voted. We might not have gotten all that we wanted but it was not a total wipe-out for Blacks.

Measure II in Riverside was a victory for citizens by allowing citizen oversight in police matters in the City Charter. This issue surfaced after the fatal shooting of Tyisha Miller by four white police officers in 1998. The Police Officers Association pumped thousands of dollars to defeat this measure but the citizens saw through their “Tie my hand campaign”.

Kerry won California but lost on the national level. David Presley and Sam Kimble, barbers at Holiday Barbers in Rialto said many of their customers will be depressed today. David said on his way to work his white neighbors were whistling and had a extra skip in their walk and commented “our guy won”, but as soon as he got to the shop the calls started coming in on the cell, “Hey, Dave man we are in for it for the next four years.” Sam Kimble on the other hand said, “we lived through slavery and we will live through this.”

Barbara Boxer, Ken Calvert, Joe Baca Sr., Mary Figueroa, William Beatey, Jr., Rick Sayres were all re-elected and a new comer Josie Gonzales was elected to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. Grace Vargas retained her seat as mayor of Rialto by beating back a challenge by Councilman Kurt Wilson. Grace has done a good job in Rialto even though we believe Wilson would have brought a new vision to the city.

Measure G won by 61% in San Bernardino which will allow the city managers position to have greater say in city government. The supporters say it will not take away any current powers from the strong mayor form of government. However, this will or can only be proven over a long period of time.

Maryann Andreas, Wendy Gladney Brooks of Upland, and Carl McPeters of Indio lost in their bid for public office.

The Indians were successful in fending off the race track and card parlor owners of California by having the voters defeat propositions 68 and 70. We will not have to worry about our neighborhoods being overrun by casinos.

The voter turn out in San Bernardino County was at 55.5% and 59.4% in Riverside County. These two counties are historically below the statewide average. Statewide California voter turn-out was 61%.

We have a lot of work to do in the future when it comes to voter participation if we want our candidates and issues to win.

You can see the election results on page A-5 with the actual numbers. I want to thank the citizens who used the Black Voice Voters guide and took it to the polls with you. We had so many calls by our readers who found our information helpful and informative. I also want to thank the 94,541 readers who took the time and used our website in October just to see how to vote. If you have never visited our site you can go to www.blackvoicenews.com and see us each week from any place in the world.

Whatever you do after the election, stay involved with your government. Do not be discouraged. This is your money these elected officials are spending and therefore you should get some benefit from it.

To contact Hardy Brown email: hardybrown@blackvoicenews.com or call (909) 888-5040.net

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