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Election 2004 Sample Ballot

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John Kerry, U.S. President

All you have to do is ask yourself if you as a Black American are better off today than four years ago. From the bad war in Iraq to double digit unemployment...

... in the Black community the Bush Administration has spelled nothing but trouble for us. Some people say Bush misled us about the war while I say he lied. They knew Iraq had nothing to do with the terror of 911, yet they told us they did.

I believe John Kerry (a man who has been shot at in war) understands you do not make a decision to send some one off to war.

Kerry knows that a leader is more than putting on a flight jacket and landing on an air craft carrier when no one is shooting at you and declaring the war over. For your information more Americans have died after he said that than before. Another reason to elect Kerry is the appointment of US Supreme court justices during the next four years. A lot is at stake. Vote John Kerry for President, John Edwards Vice President

Barbara Boxer for United States Senator
She has been an outspoken voice for the voiceless, plus she recognizes the value of the ethnic press to its community. When reelected she wants to increase some valuable deductions to the federal IRS tax code that will greatly benefit Black Americans.

Ken Calvert for Congress (Riverside County)
Even though Ken Calvert is a Republican he has always responded to us when we called. When we were seeking help with the Underground Railroad legislation, Calvert was there and signed on as co sponsor. When small businesses need his help he is there. When I needed help identifying how to get federal advertising, Calvert’s office provided me with assistance. His staff is one of the most responsive in the area which is always a big plus for a representative. Vote Ken Calvert

Joe Baca for Congress (SB County)
Joe Baca is the lone Democrat serving in Washington from the counties of San Bernardino or Riverside and he carries the weight of all democratic issues from the Inland Empire on his shoulders. He is a hard working representative and fights for those things he believes in. He has smoothed off some of the sharp rough edges he used to display and has attempted to work with the people he represents. Some hold it against him for pushing his son into the Assembly but you cannot hold that against him because every parent wants the best for their children, look at the George Bush and Colin Powell families. He has always reached out to the Black community by having a racially integrated staff and for the most part has responded to his local constituency when requested. The one exception was when his local staff did not respond appropriately to the youth chapter of the NAACP. That problem was resolved when Joe found out about the miscommunication. We need a separate voice in congress other than Republicans from the area, of added significance, his opponent does not even live in the district. Ed Laning plans to move in if elected. Joe has earned our vote based on his hard work for the working class of our district.

Marge Mendoza-Ware for State Assembly
Marge Mendoza-Ware has earned a reputation as a hard working school board member for the Colton School District. She is an unusual Republican because she believes in Organized Labor. That might be because her husband (who is Black) is a Board member of SEIU Local 347 and she sits as a member of San Bernardino Public Employees Association. She has a long list of community involvement and her opposition has very little involvement although he does have access through his father. Since she is seeking office in a democratic stronghold her success is very dim. However she deserves your consideration because her community service far exceeds her opponents. Vote Marge Mendoza-Ware

Mary Ann Andreas for State Assembly
In the year 2000, Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante named Andreas Woman of the year because she was a mover and a shaker of the Morongo Tribal Council of Indians. During that same year, The Black Voice Foundation, Inc., named her a Woman of Achievement. There is no doubt in my mind that Mary Ann will bring economic development into the region and jobs to the desert. All one has to do is look at the area as you motor down the 10 freeway on your way to Palm Springs. She has been a member of the Tribal Council for the past twenty years and this experience will serve her well in the Assembly.Vote Mary Ann Andreas for 80th Assembly District.

Josie Gonzales for Supervisor (SB County)
One of the most hotly contested election races in the Inland Empire is for San Bernardino County Supervisor Fifth District between Josie Gonzales and John Longville. The Black community is somewhat split on who to vote for based on personal relationships versus who might get the job done or who will be able to work with the Republican stronghold of the Board.

Many say John’s close ties with former supervisor Jerry Eaves leaves a lot to be desired and John’s attempt to speak as a Black for the Black community better than the Blacks has created some resentment. Some have even found it hard to identify a specific piece of state legislation that has a direct bearing on Blacks in the state by John. However John has been a friend to many and some in Rialto politics would not be there today if it were not for him.

As for Josie Gonzales she has represented the city of Fontana, a place where I worked for over thirty years, and has spent a lot of time in North Fontana. The old North Fontana does not look the same and according to many whom live there say Josie is part of the reason for the change. She has not done it all by herself but according to people like Dorothy Grant; Josie has played the lion share of that area not being forgotten. Some Blacks do not want to support Josie because she is Hispanic and they are afraid she will only be concerned with Mexican issues. I, for one, do not believe this will be the case with Josie. Now I know many Hispanics who fit that description but Josie is not one of them. We have some of the organized labor people who think Josie is not their friend because she is not supporting proposition 72 that will require small businesses with 20 or more employees to provide health care coverage. Josie is a small business owner and knows this proposition will result in her having to layoff some of her most faithful and trusted employees.

I am recommending you vote for Josie Gonzales for Supervisor because of what she has done for the city of Fontana and what she has done for the Black community there. I am also recommending you vote for Josie because I believe she will be able to work with the Republican supervisors and move us beyond the Jerry Eaves and Clifford Young administrations. I believe Josie will be able to hold her own as she has done as a tough businesswoman in the tough business world of Fontana. She is a quick learner and has made every effort to meet with a cross section of the Black community and seek out their concerns.

Kurt Wilson for Mayor of Rialto (SB County)
The city of Rialto has three good servants seeking the number one spot of mayor, Grace Vargas, the current mayor, and Joe Sampson, a city councilmember. All of them have served their city well and seek to do some of the same things if elected. However, Kurt Wilson is a hard working young man who has demonstrated a higher energy level, personal skills, and a demonstrated ability to work together with and for people. These are good qualities to have when leading a city as diverse as Rialto. Kurt was one of the first individuals to volunteer to go to New York during the 911 disaster. This demonstrates his concern and commitment to helping his fellow man. He is a committed public servant, a local business owner, and enthusiastic advocate for the further development of Rialto as a shining star in the inland region. He has helped Rialto grow as a current council member and would make a fine leader for the city. Vote Kurt Wilson for Mayor of Rialto.

Wendy Gladney Brooks for City Council in Upland (SB County)
They say the fruit will not fall far from the tree unless the wind is blowing real hard. And in the case of Wendy it blew her further from Riverside to Upland, but she carries with her the desire to serve. Wendy is the daughter of the late Rev. Johnny Harris and he, like his mother, was a server of people. Wendy is asking the people of Upland to give her the opportunity to continue in those big foot steps from a family of community service providers by being elected to the city council. Wendy is a member of the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Ontario, where she helped develop the Women’s Ministry. She is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and Realtor for Herbert Hawkins Realty. Wendy is a graduate of UCLA and was an Intern for the late Congressman Julian Dixon. She understands our regional need for better transportation because she served on the Air Quality Management District Advisory Board of Southern California. Her family roots run deep in Upland through her mother and maternal grandmother making her the third generation. This type of history is so important in local positions. We urge you to vote for Wendy Gladney Brooks for City Council Upland.

William Batey for city council, (Riverside County)
William Batey has helped Moreno Valley through some growing pains as the second most populated city in the county of Riverside. He has been part of a progressive council to attract businesses and home development to this once “pass through” town. Batey has served as mayor and deserves your support for another term. The city is still growing and his experience is needed. Vote William Batey for City Council Moreno Valley.

Acquanetta Harrison-Warren for Fontana City Council
Ms. Harrison-Warren is seeking to keep the seat she was appointed to as a representative on the city council. This was a good step by the citizens of Fontana and with its history of not being to kind to African-Americans, Acquanetta has been a great addition with her activism and commitment to smart growth in this rapidly growing community in the Inland Empire. She deserve your vote in November.

Mary Figueroa and Gloria Willis for Riverside Community College Board of Trustee. (Riverside)
Both of these women are proven community activists. Mary has been with various Human Relations commissions and boards while Gloria was one of the Tyisha Miller justice seekers. It was through their activism that I became acquainted with them and they are fighters in the real sense of the word. It makes no difference to them about the color of skin or status one has reached, it is about what is right for the people who need help and if you have been wronged. With the cost of college fees rising and the community college looking more Hispanic and Black, Mary and Gloria views will be needed to help guide our children through with their education. Vote Mary Figueroa and Gloria Willis for Riverside Community College Board of Trustees.

Rick Sayres for The Moreno Valley Unified School District
MVUSD is moving in the right direction for all students to learn to their fullest potential and Rick Sayres can take some of the credit. Prior to him joining the board the district was in a downward spiral. They are beginning to address many of their problems and Rick should be there to see them fully implemented. He is a steady leader, which is good for this fast growing community.

Carl Mc Peters for Desert Sands School Board
Carl McPeteres has been a strong voice for justice in the entire Coachella Valley Area and especially in the city of Indio. He will bring good representation for the parents of children whose voice is usually not heard. He has implemented several programs for youth at his church that garnered the support of companies like Edison. He will bring leadership from his experience as a former NAACP president and other local organizations. Join with us and Vote for Carl Mc Peters School Board.

State Propositions

Proposition 1A All of our local elected officials need your support on this issue to help us keep the state officials from taking your local tax monies. Without this being law the state can raid from local city treasures when they overspend in Sacramento. This is unfair and not in the best interest of good government. Sacramento must learn to solve it own mismanagement crises and leave local government along. Vote yes.

Proposition 59 Public Records and open meetings. The general public should always have open access to information and meetings because the public business is everyone’s business. We currently have some elected officials now who wish to limit the public access to information. It is proper to have the requesting person pay for the copying of the requested information but it should not exceed to physical cost of the material. Vote Yes.

Proposition 60, Election Rights of political parties. These issues are about you have the choice to be registered as a Republican and voting for a Democrat (or visa verse) during the primary election. This will lead to another party having the potential of picking off your favorite candidate and having a real loser on the ballot. In some cases the two remaining candidates could be from the same party if they are the two top vote getters in the primary. This is worse news for Blacks who are already in a bad situation form voting numbers. Vote No.

Proposition 60A Surplus Property proceeds from sale of State Property. What they want to do is be able to take the monies from the sale of property and apply it to principals of debt owed. This is similar to you paying an extra payment on one of your bills to lessen the interest you have to pay. It will help reduce the amount the state will have to pay out over the long run of the debt. Vote Yes.

Proposition 61, Children Hospital General Obligation Bonds of $750 million dollars. Recently I have wanted to shy away from endorsing any proposition or measure that requires raising more money because Blacks and Latinos always wind up not being invited to the table once the money is there. However this time they are making sure the patients who get the service would be kids with leukemia, heart defects and you guessed it Sickle Cell Anemia. Now that still will not address the issue of any Black Health Care givers will do the work so that is why I’m suggesting we monitor these funds once the proposition passes. Too many of our Black doctors and other care providers are struggling when others are getting rich off of our illness and money. Vote Yes.

Proposition 62, Election primaries would allow every voter to receive a ballot listing the name of all candidates regardless of party affiliation. That means Republicans or Democrats could vote to defeat a candidate in your party. Then the two highest vote getters would duke it out in the general election even if they are from the same party. Vote NO on 62.

Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Expansion. This proposition uses language like the money COULD be used for expansion of services or new program. It sounds like someone wants to raise their pay and for us to pay for it. As Blacks, we have not received our fair share of mental health jobs or services in the past so there is no incentive for us to support this proposition. Vote No.

Proposition 64, Limits on Private Enforcement of Unfair Business Competition Laws. This will prevent some trial lawyers from filing frivolous lawsuits against small businesses unjustly. Currently a person can initiate a lawsuit without having to show that they have suffered injury or money loss. This proposition will prevent this from happening. Vote YES

Proposition 65 No Recommendation

Proposition 66. A yes vote will put into place what the voters intended when they passed the Three Strike Law 10 years ago. It ensures that no matter where a crime is committed in the state the punishment will be the same. Currently the punishment is like a “Wheel of Fortune” game show depending on the county you commit the third crime in and you know who gets the harshest 65% of those serving second and third strike sentences were convicted of nonviolent, petty offenses such as writing bad checks, stealing videotapes and food like a loaf of bread. Vote Yes on 66

Proposition 67. This is a surcharge on your telephone to pay doctors and emergency room workers for work perform on patients who cannot pay. This will hit everyone with a phone and those on fixed income will suffer from higher bills. The problem with this type of bill is every emergency will take the easy way out and send a bill to the state even if some of the patients can pay. Some might even double bill the state because over site has not been built in to the proposition. This could be the goose who laid the golden egg for some care providers. Vote No on 67

Proposition 68. Non Indian Gaming Expansion. We urge you to vote no to Non Indian gaming because if passed casinos could be located in your neighborhoods. This is one of those propositions to chip away at our Indian brothers’ economic businesses and send them back into poverty. We as Blacks have seen this game played on us too many time in the past to help a few greedy violators who would think it wrong for you to have a better car or house than them. It is this same type of mentality that is envious of Indians living on “Hill Tops” and not having to beg them for food. Vote No on 68.

Proposition 69 DNA Data Base gathering on people who are in prison and getting arrested. Please vote no on this proposition because if it was to pass, every Black person in California could be arrested, if only for the purpose of having their DNA taken and released. This looks like something John Ashcroft would dream up for the purpose of tracking you down under the Patriot Act for being in the vicinity of a crime. Vote No on 69 and protect yourself and your Black male children.

Proposition 70 Indian gaming. Under current law Indian Tribes are exempt from having to pay federal, state or local taxes because they are a considered sovereign nations within our nation. Our federal and state law allows tribes to conduct gaming on Indian land if they enter agreements with the state. In the summer of 2004 five tribes decided to enter into a new compact with the state of California and received permission to operate as many slot machine as they desired. Of course the catch was for them to pay more money to the state. This proposition, if passed, would allow for the Governor to enter into new agreements if requested by a tribe. Some tribes are in support of this proposition while others are not. Personally I think it is a way for some people who don’t like Indians’ having their own nation to tap into their pocket books. They can’t do that with the Indians. We are offering no recommendation on this proposition.

Proposition 71, Stem Cell Research Funding. A yes vote will authorize the state to sell $3 billion in general obligation bonds to provide funding for stem cell research in California. Many scientists believe that this research may result in the treatment of diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, heart disease or diabetes. Vote Yes on 71.

Proposition 72 Mandatory Health Care Coverage is a good thing if the company could afford the cost but many cannot. Therefore, some workers who are working now will be impacted if this passes. It will result in higher prices to customers for those businesses who have 20 or more employees. Vote NO on 72.

Measure I, Local half-cent sale tax to rebuild our freeway here in the Inland Empire. Currently the tax will expire 2010 and your yes vote will extend it into the year 2040. If you have traveled down Highland Ave between San Bernardino and Fontana you can see the construction. Later there will be construction between Highland and Mill Street to correct the off ramps on the 215. One of the things the NAACP should check with Cal Trans or SANBAG about is the issue of Blacks being able to participate in sub contracts to build the freeways and repair local streets. Either way our traffic is heavy and will become more congested in the states fasted growing area. Vote Yes on Measure I

City of San Bernardino Charter Change Proposal. When the City Attorney, Jim Penman first announce to the public that he wanted to change the way our city council members’ were voted into office by the citizens, there was an out cry from the Black and Hispanic community. Even the NAACP and MALDLF informed the city that if they were to proceed a lawsuit would be filed for possible civil rights voting violations. His first proposal was to have everyone in the city vote on ward candidates. The reason was low voter participation in certain wards.

We ran editorials in opposition to his proposal of charter changes and our position has not changed. Our reasons range from civil rights violations where Whites would gain in voting leverage if they could vote on all council members. Then Mr. Penman changed the proposal to weaken the strong mayor form we currently have and add other at large councilmember’s... All of them carry one central objective and that is to maintain control by Whites and reduce the power of the Mayor’s position and the City council’s minority members.

The proposal you are being asked to vote on will give tremendous power to the current City Administrator of which not many of you have ever met. They claim the city will be better managed while your elected officials will not be able to even talk with department heads. Later in the proposal formation in a meeting at St. Paul AME Church, Mr. Penman told the members he had not made up his mind on how he will vote on the proposal. He did not say why, but I believe it is because he is not sure it is the best thing for the city or if he was mayor he would want to be in charge. We have made up our mind and that is to vote NO on the city charter change and we recommend you do the same. Let the Mayor and council members know we want them in charge of the city. Vote No.

City of Moreno Valley Measure “N” gives protection to taxpayers if you vote YES. Some of the elected officials would like to go into the electric business. That might have been a good idea long before Moreno Valley became a city and investment costs were small. The city of Riverside and Colton did many years ago but the venture is much too costly now. Measure N will put sensible controls on the very public service you need control of by the voters. Plus it will prevent the drainage of needed funds from police, fire, and parks. Vote YES on “N”.

City of Riverside Charter changes

The City Charter Review Committee has evaluated and is recommending some key measures that you, the voters, should approve to enhance the effectiveness of local government. A new Preamble that is more inclusive of it citizen, to a more open information process, code of ethics, setting of salaries, expanding the powers of the mayor, requiring the city to appoint citizens from each ward on various boards and commissions, having minors serve on commissions, have the Community Police Review Commission become part of the Charter, allow the city to conduct election for general bonded indebtedness by mail-ballots, add greater security to the current bidders process, require the city to change Accounting Audit firms every five years and speed up the ability to serve utility customers, We are recommending a YES vote on Measures BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, II, JJ, KK, LL, and MM for better city government.

Riverside County SAMPLE BALLOT

John Kerry, President
John Edwards, Vice President

Barbara Boxer, US Senator

Ken Calvert, US Congress
Mary Ann Andreas, 80th Assembly District

Riverside Community College

Mary Figueroa
Gloria Willis

State Propositions

1A vote YES
59 vote YES
60 vote NO
60A vote YES
61 vote YES
62 vote NO
63 vote NO
64 vote YES
65 no recommendation
66 vote YES
67 vote NO
68 vote NO
69 vote NO
70 no recommendation
71 vote YES
72 vote NO

Riverside City Measures

BB vote YES
CC vote YES
DD vote YES
EE vote YES
FF vote YES
GG vote YES
HH vote YES
II vote YES
JJ vote YES
KK vote YES
LL vote YES
MM vote YES

Moreno Valley

William Batey for City Council
Rick Sayres for School Board
Measure N vote YES


Carl McPeters for School Board

San Bernardino County SAMPLE BALLOT

John Kerry, President
John Edwards, Vice President

Barbara Boxer, US Senator

Joe Baca, US Congress

Marge Mendoza-Ware

Josie Gonzales for Supervisor 5th District

Kurt Wilson, Mayor of Rialto

Wendy Gladney Brooks for City Council Upland

State Propositions

1A vote YES
59 vote YES
60 vote NO
60A vote YES
61 vote YES
62 vote NO
63 vote NO
64 vote YES
65 no recommendation
66 vote YES
67 vote NO
68 vote NO
69 vote NO
70 no recommendation
71 YES
72 NO

San Bernardino

Measure I YES

Measure “G” vote NO

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