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Ruth Brown Responds to Miller

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I received a call from Ruth Brown one of our readers this past Tuesday. For those who don't know, she is the legendary Rhythm & Blues singer before Rock and Roll. Her first hit was “Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean.”

Ruth said, “Hardy I just finished reading your editorial about Miller Brewing Company not putting Black singers on their cans in celebrating the 50th year of Rock and Roll.” Ruth went on to say that Elvis was back stage during one of their events watching Bo Diddley do his thing on stage. Elvis was learning how to play the guitar and sing at the same time like Bo Diddley, Ruth stated.

“Have you called Little Richard and told him of this situation?” I responded no but I will. She instructed me to call Miller and let them know they will not get away with this. She wanted me to know her first record was recorded in 1947 and she had many hits after that. I told her I first heard her music on the Pick-A-Lo in my Uncle Harry's Juke Joint. If you don't know what a Pick-A-Lo or Juke Joint is, ask a person from the south over fifty.

Ruth can now be heard singing every Thursday night in Las Vegas at the "Bootlegger Club" which is owned by the Lt. Governor of Nevada. A lot of Miller beer has been consumed while listening to Ruth Brown of which she reminded me R&B stands for, you guessed it RUTH BROWN. She told me to call Miller and tell them Ruth Brown said “they’re treating their daughter mean.” Ruth I will call Miller and let them know.

Shame on Riverside Reps.

Four White male members of the Riverside City Council decided to fire the city’s first Hispanic city manager from his position. Many of the councilmembers just got on the council and have not even established a relationship with Mr. Caravalho. Mayor Ron Loveridge could have vetoed the action since it was 4 in favor and 3 against the firing. It is my impression and the impression of many in the community that this is something the Mayor wanted any way.

Some have even said the mayor orchestrated the whole firing, especially with Mike Beck being selected as the interim City Manager. Mr. Beck has no experience in City government and was appointed to a position without competition. Beck came from UCR. This is the same place Mayor Ron Loveridge came from. Enough for fairness and equality in the All American City where Black employees are still waiting to get action on their discrimination complaints and Whites get resolutions within weeks.

Enough of trying to bring citizen issues and concerns above political ambitions of elected officials. Enough of ignoring what the citizens wishes. Enough of trying to bring the multiracial community together after the Tyisha Miller shooting, which is what George Caravalho was doing. Enough of having good sound hiring job qualifications for positions since Caravalho had more than anyone in the state and Beck has none. More than 30 citizens of all ethnic backgrounds spoke these concerns to the council but it fell on deaf ears. Maybe the citizens can be heard at the ballot box on election day.

This is a wake up call to citizens in surrounding communities of what can happened in this city manager form of government. The real enemy of the people can orchestrate chaos and hide his or her hands behind them, similar to what Bush is doing about the war in Iraq.

Yes the newly elected leadership of Riverside City has hit an all time low and the citizens must monitor and seek to remove them during the appropriate election.

To contact Hardy Brown email: hardybrown@blackvoicenews.com or call (909) 888-5040.

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