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“They” Can Always Find One

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We often say in the Black community, “they can always find one,” whoever “they” might be. This time we are talking about the Illinois Republican Party. They found Alan Keyes, a Black Republican, who they kicked to the curb when he was running for the Presidential nomination for their party in 2000.

They knew he was not their kind of representative, but now that Barack Obama has surfaced as the candidate of choice for the Illinois Democratic Party they went looking for Keyes.

Keyes, mind you, lives in Maryland and spoke out vehemently against Hillary Clinton when she decided to run for the Senate in New York. Hillary, mind you, had lived in Washington DC for eight years as the first lady of the country and had contacts that would be of great benefit to any state she decided to reside in. Keyes referred to Hillary as everything but a human.

I was not going to comment on the decision of the Illinois Republican Party’s desperate move and Alan Keyes’ acceptance to run against Barack Obama for the United States Senate because I could not think of any printable things to say. Another reason I was not going to comment was because I could not think of too many nice ways to describe the racist way the Republican party is trying to defeat Obama.

Plus, I have too many local Republican friends, White and Black, and to lump all of them in this category would be unfair. So I had to wait until I could look at this decision somewhat objectively. Then, I saw Alan Keyes smirking on television, giving justification on why he accepted the challenge to move to Illinois and go against his own principles since he is not a native of Illinois.

This smile brought to me a vision of too many people who present an approval-seeking nod from their master, even though they were thinking something else. As we say, “smiling when nothing is funny and scratching when you don’t itch.” It became part of our survival profile when we would be lynched or beaten for looking the slave master in the eye when talking to him. Some people still have the trait as a carry over from the past.

Thank God for Marshall, King, Malcolm, Douglass, Turner, Parks, Wilkins, Young, Russwurm, Randolph, Tubman, Allen, Kennedy, Johnson, Powell, Jordan, Wells, NAACP, Urban League and NCNW and others, now we don’t have to laugh unless the joke is funny, and scratch unless we itch. Alan Keyes has nothing to laugh about and doing someone else’s bidding does not make you itch.

The Republicans resorted to that move when they could not get any takers, White or Black, from Illinois to run against Obama. But like we say, “They” can always find one. Then, after Obama electrified the Democratic delegates in Boston during their convention, “They” really lost all hope of anyone running against him.

Keyes still fails to see that he is an opportunist with a big ego and loves to do the bidding of these people. He has wrapped himself up as being a spokesperson for God and the framers of the United States Constitution. At the time the founders wrote the constitution Keyes forgot he was considered property, valued less than racing horses and hunting dogs owned by White land owners.

These animals were treated better than we were. We have come a long way in how race is used by racists in America, but the results are still the same. (They want to maintain control and get a mouthpiece that will keep a foot on freedom for Black Americans.)

When you compare the vision of Obama vs. the vision of Keyes for America, Obama is more inclusive. Women are not included under Keyes’ vision for America and they are still fighting for rights. Blacks are not included under Keyes’ vision and we are still fighting for our rights.

Keyes is Black but does not know it. (When Patty Hearst was kidnapped she took on the cause of her kidnappers even though she was from a wealthy family.) Indians are not included under Keyes’ vision and are still fighting to maintain their sovereignty. Mexicans are not included under Keyes’ vision and are still fighting for their rights.

Obama’s vision recognizes the shortcomings of past exclusion and legal discrimination and offers hope based on the amendments to the constitution and the obstacles most of us have overcome. He recognizes that there was a period even in his short lifetime that a young man of mixed racial heritage would not have been able to speak before the nation in primetime.

His vision is to remind America that we have not arrived yet, but the donkey is getting us closer than we have ever been to equality. He is letting America know the donkey we are riding is moving faster than the elephant, but slower than the mule we were promised in 1865 by the party of Lincoln.

To contact Hardy Brown email: hardybrown@blackvoicenews.com or call (909) 888-5040.

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