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President Bush, Live up to the Oath you Took

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After Bush was selected and appointed the President of the United States he placed his hand on the Bible and took the oath to uphold and defend the constitution...

... of the United States and serve the interest of all its citizens, even those who would disagree with him.

Now it is perfectly clear that President Bush is reneging on that oath to serve all the people, by saying he will not even address the NAACP because the organizational leadership has not agreed with him. How can he expect any of our support when history points out to all of us that if it were not for the NAACP we would still be living under the United States Supreme Courts ruling of Separate but Equal Laws. We would still not have the right to vote, which is one of the laws Mr. Bush violated in the last election in the state of Florida, if it were not for the NAACP. We would still be living in segregated housing neighborhoods in this country if it were not for the NAACP.

We would still be sitting in segregated classrooms throughout the United States if it were not for the NAACP presenting our case before the United States Supreme Court in the famous Brown v. Board of Education case. We would still be denied access to colleges and universities if it were not for the NAACP. Just last year President Bush wrote a legal Brief in support of not favoring race as a criteria in the University of Michigan admission policy, this was after Administrators said this was the only way for them to ensure Blacks admission into their law program. There are many other cases, too many to describe here in this editorial.

The real reason Bush did not address the NAACP organization was not his busy schedule, but because he fundamentally does not see us as first class citizens of this country and we have no rights he has to honor. He knows our arguments are just and righteous and he does not intend on doing anything to bring full equality to the economic, business, employment, education or social status of African Americans in this country.

President Bush, whether we agree or disagree, you still took an oath to serve all citizens regardless of race, gender, and political or economic status.

Postponing the Election?

The Secretary of Homeland Security is already thinking of ways to keep Bush in office by suggesting that the election be postponed in November if we are threatened by terrorists. You and I know that we have no big crowds or long lines waiting to vote. Our system has polling places located throughout our communities and people vote from 7 o’clock in the morning until 8 o’clock in the evening. Now where would the terrorist hit? The Homeland Security office suggested people would stay home.

They suggest no one go to work, grocery shopping, get gas, visit friends or any of the other thousands of things we do during the day. This idea is only being suggested to keep the status quo of our current political representatives. As one of my readers said to me, this group will stoop to anything to stay in office. Thank God no one on Capitol Hill is seriously contemplating this idea other than John Ashcroft of the Justice Department.

Gay Marriage issues a smoke screen for political gain

The Gay marriage issue is nothing more than a smoke screen to get people to vote from emotion rather than for good governance. This issue is a moral issue that will do nothing to put bread on the table, roofs over our heads, create one job, educate one child, create one business, bring one soldier home from Iraq, reduce the high cost of medicine, reduce our health care cost, lower the cost of gasoline, build one house, lower our divorce rate of heterosexual marriage, lower teenage pregnancy, nor will it do anything to destroy our current system of marriage for those who want to get married. This issue will do nothing for us but take away valuable time we need to spend on things that will help elevate our standard of living such as finding Osama bin Laden.

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