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Mr. President’s Iraq Mess

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The commission that was put together to investigate the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the airplane that crashed in Pennsylvania said they have found no evidence to link...

... Iraq or Saddam Hussein with Al Qaeda and the 9/11 war provoking attack.

Yet Vice President Dick Cheney is still going around telling us that they do have evidence. If he has the evidence, why doesn’t he turn it over to the commission and the rest of the world so we can put this issue behind us. As it stands right now, only Cheney and President Bush have the information that can justify our war with Iraq.

Everyone is seeking the information that is so badly needed to account for our reasons for attacking Iraq. I have not found one person who has proposed a negative question of our bombing Afghanistan. Based on all accounts by our intelligence, Bin Laden is the man responsible for 9/11 and the one we should go after. Yet his name is not even discussed anymore because of this vendetta Bush had with Saddam Hussein.

We have had so much bad information on Iraq that Secretary of State, Colin Powell has offered a slight apology for telling the world a lie before the United Nations that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Colin Powell again had to apologize a couple of weeks ago for giving us bad information from the CIA on terrorist attacks around the world.

Donald Rumsfeld has had to back track and uncover memos he had written about strong-arm tactics he wanted our troops to use on prisoners, which have embarrassed our country. This arrogant and sometimes cocky defense secretary was all smiles while we were bombing Iraq and our body count was small. Now he is rarely seen on television or at press conferences.

Where are you Mr. Defense Secretary now that the reports show another American killed in Iraq? And where is the man who landed on the aircraft carrier and declared before the world that the trumped up war is over and our troops can come home? Where is the man who told the rest of the world we don’t need you we can do this thing alone? Where is this man who told NATO your services are not needed?

Your Highness is sitting in Turkey trying to persuade NATO to train the Iraqi troops and put a coalition together to assist us with this mess we created in Iraq. This most powerful nation is now going around the world with its hand out seeking friends wherever we can bribe them.

Mr. President you say the world is safer yet we have lost more people since you started this war than before the war. We have ordered our people to leave Saudi Arabia because it is unsafe and this is the one country we have the best relationship with. Iran has restarted its nuclear program.

Our country remains on high alert and many of our citizens are afraid to fly. Gas is so high that those who could not fly cannot drive. We have become prisoners in our own country and inner-city citizens are putting up more bars on their windows to protect themselves from the people unemployed by your “send the jobs overseas” policies.

The most powerful country in the world is being protested in every country in the world. Yes Mr. President, the rich people are better off today than they were four years ago before you were appointed President. The rest of us are trying to find the good jobs that are now over in countries we cannot visit.

Yes Mr. President, we have senior citizens who have worked hard so they could enjoy the good life now finding themselves without money to buy the high priced medicines needed to keep them alive. Yes Mr. President, Black Americans could once look at the federal government for a fair shake at justice, now we see your office siding with the KKK mentality of our society.

I know you ask when did we do this? It happened in the state of Michigan at the university over their admissions policy to get more Blacks into the school. Yes Mr. President, you are now trying to establish a government in Iraq where the majority of people will elect their leader and you were not elected by a majority of the people in your own country.

Yes Mr. President, while you are sending federal aid overseas, a cut in federal funding at home has caused Head Start officials to shave one day a week from some of their half-day preschool programs. Yes Mr. President, this is a crazy world we live in and you are doing your best to contribute to this cause. Oh, by the way Mr. President, please don’t tell the rappers to clean up their language on the airwaves because your vice president, just told Senator Pat Leahy to go off and you know what (F***) to himself.

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