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The Group: A New Watchdog

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Mayor Ron Loveridge and a few Riverside city council members were in the process of evaluating George Carvalho, the city manager, so they could terminate his contract until they ran into the Riverside civic organization called The Group.

Member after member went before the public governing body and spoke of how well Mr. George Carvalho was bringing the city’s racial communities together. The Group also knew he was doing it without the full blessing of some members of the council, which is at the root cause of his problems with the members who want to terminate his contract.

I commend The Group, headed by Jennifer Blakely, for being a watchdog of our local government. It is this kind of dedication from citizens that make our government benefit all of us.

Keep up the good work on behalf of all of us.

Who is Responsible and Accountable

Bush’s lack of planning his Iraq War is now coming to light. The Secretary of State Colin Powell told Bush before the war began that if you break it you own it, of course he was not listening to Powell. It was Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice who were calling the shots then now it is hard to find them before the camera.

Cheney wanted to make sure all of his oil and Halliburton contractor buddies were taken care of while the rest of us suffer. We have now found out that private US citizens are paid up to $100,000.00 dollars a day instead of soldier’s pay. The citizens drive trucks, handle mail and interrogate prisoners, something that should only be done by military personnel. Now we have more and more people calling for Bush to fire some members of his cabinet.

We went into the war seeking weapons of mass destruction which we have not found. We went to war to rid terrorists from Iraq and they have multiplied. We went to war stating we don’t need the United Nations, now we are begging to get them on our side. We went to war telling everyone we did not need another UN Resolution, now we are offering anything to France, Germany, and others to sign on the dotted line.

We are treating Iraq like the hot potato game you give each other, it’s too hot to handle.

Tidwell Should Do Some Time

Our former San Bernardino Sheriff Floyd Tidwell decided to steal over five hundred guns during his reign as sheriff for San Bernardino County. However he is not being charged with stealing but allowed to pay a small fine and life goes on as usual. Poor Blacks and Latinos get sent up the river for stealing hubcaps while Tidwell steals government property to give to friends. It all came to the surface a few days ago long after Tidwell had retired. Floyd Whitson, a gun collector had his guns seized by the sheriff’s department over 21 years ago.

Shortly thereafter, the sheriff’s department informed Whitson that his guns were missing or lost. Yes, they were lost alright. Right in the hot little hands of Sheriff Floyd Tidwell. It is one thing for him to steal guns and another for his staff to cover up his habit. I don’t know why he would steal them since he was over all of the guns in the county. I guess that will remain a mystery because Tidwell will not be going to court to explain why he stole.

The sad part to all of this is if a Black or Latino had stolen a gun Tidwell would have sent the entire sheriff’s department including helicopters to have them arrested. God forbid if the person was to have a record, it would lead to a shoot out.

It is clear that equal treatment under the law is not equal for everyone.

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