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Don’t Sign Petitions: They Could be Dangerous to Your Political and Economic Health

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Some of you will be faced with a petition being shoved in your hands to sign in order to get a state proposition or charter change on the ballot for this November.

I want to suggest you refuse to sign it because it could be dangerous to your economic and political health. That is the warning on cigarette packages and people still buy them. However, these propositions can make it so you won’t have the political or economic clout necessary to afford anything.

The first petition is a state proposition that plans to allow for giant casinos, card clubs, and racetracks to be built in our urban neighborhoods. They may be built in our neighborhoods, but that doesn’t mean the jobs will go to us.

Another reason to not sign or vote on such propositions is that they are trying to take over the current business ventures from our Indian (native) brothers and sisters. If, this happens it would be another promise or treaty we have broken with the Indian nations. We cannot let this happen nor be a party to such underhanded dealings. We need to understand the historical connection between Indians and Blacks.

During slavery the indians hid our ancestors after they ranaway from the plantation. In certain parts of our region, many of our people would not be working today if it were not for the Indian gaming. . It is also my understanding that Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine is bankrolling this proposition. The California Chief of Police Association spoke out against this initiative because of the public safety issues it will bring into our communities. The Attorney General’s office states that this proposition would allow for tax exemption to card clubs and racetrack owners while allowing them free access to Vegas type slot machines. So please don’t sign on the dotted line this time.

Another petition you should not sign is the charter change being proposed by San Bernardino City Attorney Jim Penman and supported by The Sun newspaper. I include The Sun because they seem to know so much about the plan and it has not even been made public. For your information this is the same Sun newspaper that would not cover the protest march put on by the IECAAC a few years ago which led to a boycott by the Black clergy requesting their congregations cancel their subscriptions.

It might come down to that again if they continue to support the possible disenfranchisement of Blacks and Hispanics. Penman and the Sun are the only ones who know what the new charter might look like and that is a shame. Just like the churches boycotting the Sun we need to boycott the signing of any petition. That way it will be difficult to make it to the ballot.

The Indians are sovereign nations and they currently pay the state of California $130 million dollars annually. In addition they employ over 42,000 people that pay over $400 million dollars in federal, state, and local taxes. Plus, they are located on reservation land away from most of the heavily populated cities. As you know or may have guessed now that the Indians are successful, the greedy ones want to take it away.

Just like we warned you to stay out of the Bushes, we now warn you to not sign any petition because they can be dangerous to your economic and political health.

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