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Sup. Young: When you live in a glass house don’t throw stones

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“When you live in a glass house please don’t throw stones,” my mama would say to me from time to time. This week Supervisor Clifford Young decided to throw a brick into my house at my wife.

What he did not realize is that I grew up throwing rocks and stones in the country and where I lived there was always more than one stone.

I had to throw them at rats and snakes and because I did it everyday I got pretty good at it. I also knew where snakes and rats would go and try to hide, and if you want to hide don’t become a member of the County Board of Supervisors.

Last week Rev. Dr. Clifford Young stood before four Republican S.B. County Supervisors and threw at them his VALUES of family, community, education, and faith that have propelled him into the positions he has obtained. After he was selected it became apparent that it was already pre-arranged. A week later during a phone conversation, I received a different picture of his family VALUES.

I learned that he skipped out on his first wife and left her holding the total obligation to raise their child. He was ordered to pay her $100 a month for the child and $200 per month for alimony, but according to our source he never did. When I promised that I would not use the caller’s name, I was later provided with documentation to support the allegation. Some kind of family values. This is akin to the value systems of other notable Republicans, namely Newt Gingrich, Clarence Thomas, Strom Thurman, and Ward Connerly. According to the source, Supervisor Young still owes his first wife over thousands in child support.

This is the same man that spoke about his commitment to community and family. This is the same man last week who said he had everything worked out with his employer at Cal State San Bernardino to take this job full-time. I learned Tuesday that he will still be employed at Cal State part-time because his salary cut to serve on the board would be too great. This man of VALUES was told prior to the appointment that the person selected would not be able to draw employment from other employers while serving.

Just this week we received numerous calls at the Black Voice from friends and supporters who read in both The Press Enterprise and The Sun that my wife, business partner, and 11 year County Planning Commissioner was ousted from her post by the new supervisor. Many of the callers knew how close she is to Supervisor Young’s wife, that they visited each other’s homes, and even attended the same church. I guess his Midland, Texas VALUES keep him from speaking to his friends on such important matters.

Supervisor Young I hope your VALUES will lead you to recognize that as our “selected” representative for the county, now you are living in the largest glass house in the county and the shades are never pulled down and even if they are, the silhouette still shines through at night.

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