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Position Open: November 2, 2004

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Several months ago, President George W. Bush said, “Out west we have a saying ‘Wanted Dead or Alive,’” in reference to America’s search for Osama bin Laden. Now, I am sure he wants to say the same thing about his former Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neil because he is telling the truth about the decision by President Bush to go to war against Iraq.

You see O’Neil was in on the discussions during his brief stay as a member of the President’s National Security Council. Upon hearing O’Neil’s statements along with documents to support his position, the Justice Department and every other agencies I’m sure have been given the wanted poster to get O’Neil “Dead or Alive.”

Many people have been saying all along that this war with Iraq is not being fought for the reasons we were told. According to every report known to the public, Iraq had nothing to do with the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center buildings. Yet Bush brings it up every time he accepts a question on the subject. According to every report known to the public we have not found any “Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)” since we have occupied Iraq. Yet Bush, Powell, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice repeat the line that Saddam Hussein has used WMD before on his people. What would have kept him from using them on us? We know he used to have them because we stood by and watched him kill thousands of Iranians in 1988.

Paul O’Neil who was asked to leave his position as Secretary of Treasury by Bush is free to tell what he knows to a free people in a free country. Isn’t freedom of speech part of the reason we are fighting in Iraq? So keep on speaking Mr. O’Neil tell the world what we need to know. Let us be the judge of why we are receiving dead bodies each and every day from Iraq. Then come November the American public can decide at the voting polls who they want to represent them in the position of President.

Another hot issue on the agenda is this “loud sucking sound of American jobs leaving the United States to other countries and cheap labor crossing the borders to obtain the jobs that are left. Big business has convinced the president and nearly everyone in congress that other countries have technical skills we don’t have and cheaper cost is the other reason. He is telling us that immigrants are willing to take jobs that Americans will not take. This is another fabricated myth that they want us to buy into. These immigrants are being hired over qualified Americans that want to work. I spent over twenty five years in a personnel management position and have seen large numbers of non citizens brought to this country while our own unemployment numbers were climbing high.

The same is true today. Unemployment rates of Whites and Asians are decreasing while Blacks are increasing. I know we are not rejecting employment, we are not getting the job because we are not offered the job. Bush is offering illegal immigrants temporary stay in America up until the first Tuesday in November which is Election Day. He is hoping that the Hispanic community will say “let us vote for Bush.” I will remind you of Ronald Reagan’s position with the Air Traffic Controllers after he was elected. Reagan said let them strike and then hired new workers. The same will be done to these temporary workers after the election.

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