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Limbaugh: He’s Back

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To paraphrase a scripture verse: how can one get the speck out of another's eye when a beam is lodged in your eye? This truly applies to Rush Limbaugh and his situation.

For years he has been spouting off on his radio program that drug users need to be locked up and the key thrown away because this is something they elected to do.

Rush has shown no sympathy or understanding whatsoever about their predicament. Now it has been revealed that Mr. Limbaugh has a problem with drugs and has been buying them illegally through his housekeeper. Mr. Limbaugh was doing his illegal act while helping send others to prison.

It has come to light that Mr. Limbaugh had even put himself in a drug treatment program while advocating others be put in jail. Not once have we heard Mr. Limbaugh be an advocate for drug treatment programs to be established in communities where people do not have the financial means to overcome this horrible habit which our government allows to run rampant. The only thing we hear from him is they are getting what they deserve.

Well now that the beam has been found in his eye, what are we to do? As the song goes, “bad boy, bad boy what you going to do when they come for you.” Are you going to reverse your statements that drug users be put in jail? Bad boy, bad boy what you going to do when they come for you?

I do not advocate we put you in prison after I reviewed the number of people in prison and especially the number of Blacks you helped send there. I will however suggest that the government prosecute you and sentence you to be a spokesperson on behalf of all the drug users in America that have a drug problem, whether illegal or prescription drugs.

I would have the courts sentence you to visit the poor and wealthy communities of drug users and witness the conditions that bred this horrible lifestyle and report out on your radio program. I would have the courts have you spend a few nights in prison with some of the brothers. I would have the courts have you visit the drug rehab facilities in poor neighborhoods. I would have the courts make you visit some of the rehab facilities in rich neighborhoods.

I would have the courts make you visit the federal agencies on drug trafficking and report out on where the drugs are coming from. I would have you visit the local police departments and ask them why they arrest so many Black and Latino drug users and let White users go free.

I would have the courts make you visit the District Attorney's departments and ask them why they get so many convictions on Black and Latino drug users but cannot find drug suppliers. I would have the courts have you, Mr. Limbaugh, say you deserve a different treatment than the one you have been spouting about over the past several years.

Mr. Limbaugh, I am also aware of another scripture which states we are to be judged by the same standard we push on others and let him who is without sin cast the first stone. If you notice in that scenario of the woman being stoned, she was released and told not to sin anymore.

The stoners turned and went home. Judges shows an example of how justice was to be administered. I am advocating that you Mr. Limbaugh can turn this whole situation around if you use your influence in a positive way. I am suggesting that the real criminals are the suppliers of these drugs.

Yes Mr. “Holier Than Thou” Limbaugh, Bad Boy, Bad Boy, what you going to do when they come for you? Are you going to let the beam remain in your eye or are you going to help others remove drug use and abuse from all of our communities.

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