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Politics verses Politicians

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Politics is a word that so many people have come to dislike and some even hate.

It should not be the politics but the politicians, who play politics with the lives of the people they swear to serve and protect, that should concern us.

Webster defines Politics as “the art and science of the government of a state; the opinions, principles or policies by which a person orders his participation in such affairs or scheming and maneuvering within a group.” Politician is defined as, “a person engaged in politics and in techniques of civil government; a person engaged in politics merely for personal gain.”

Today we have too many politicians engaged in politics for personal gain and always scheming and maneuvering within a group at the detriment of the public at large. We have Democrats and Republicans who act like they are the only ones with solutions to solve our problems. Therein lies the problem.

Some of the examples of this are as follows: Willie Brown, a well known Democrat and current Mayor of San Francisco, was picked to serve on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s transitional team. Mayor Brown was selected because he is the smartest legislator to ever hit Sacramento. Although I did not vote for the recall or Arnold, I thought this was a great move by Arnold.

However, there were some Black Republicans who thought this was a slap in the face of Republicans. Their attitude was only “we” Republicans can govern and to hell with non-Republicans. At last count the state still has more registered Democrats than Republicans and when you throw in other political parties and those not registered, clearly neither party is a majority.

Another example, George Bush truly believes (or at least Cheney and Rumsfeld convinced him to believe,) that the current position on Iraq is the only way to go. I don’t think so. They have lied to the American people on why we went to war. Now they are lying about why we need to stay there.

It is the oil. It is the need to get money into Cheney’s former company Halliburton. It is to give contracts to their friends for the support that they gave Bush for the presidency. We warned people before the election to stay away from and not play in the bushes.

For the majority of voters, we did stay away until the United States Supreme Court got involved and engaged in “scheming and maneuvering within the group for personal gain.”

They did not take into consideration the number of lives that would be loss over playing personal politics. Let all of us keep in mind that once elected it is critical that we govern with everyone in mind. We need to write Bush and our Senators and let them know how we feel about this and other issues we have to pay for.

Another example is the “Ring of Fires” that circled Southern California. Well before the fires burned, a request had gone to Washington for Federal Assistance to thin out the Beatle infested trees that stood as a towering inferno in the mountains.

The request was ignored because it came from a state that did not vote for the current administration. The result was a two week raging fire that took lives and property in historic proportion. It has now cost us taxpayers more than it would have if politicians had not played politics with our lives.

It was also reported to us that even after the request for federal assistance during the fire, our president’s staff was slow to respond. This is taking politics to a very dangerous level.

We must stop the scheming and maneuvering personal politician from destroying our government of “we the people, by the people and for the people.”

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