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Tillman and Brown for School Board

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My grandchildren love to buy candy that has a sour and bitter taste so they can frown up their faces when they eat it. Well the political events on the national and state levels are leaving a sour taste in most voters’ mouths.

That is not true on the local level and adds to the reason we should get involved with our elected officials in our communities in order to prevent surprises at the state and national elections.

This coming November we have some choices for you to consider that will renew your faith in politics and add a refreshing taste to your mouth after you vote. We will not list all of them now but wanted to get started this week.

For the San Bernardino City Unified School District Board of Education we would recommend you returning some proven talents to serve during these growing diverse cultural times and dwindling budgets. With Sacramento and Washington budgets having pneumonia, our local governments are being considered for life support.

And with a student population projected to grow from 49,000 to 65,000 students in the next five years, we need experienced leadership. This is when you need the experience and skills of a Danny Tillman and Dr. Marlin Brown. These two seasoned board members have the financial experience to reduce budgets without gutting programs that are meaningful to the staff and children of the 7th largest school district in California.

They are active outside of their duties as Board members and represent the education community whenever and wherever possible.

Danny is an active member of New Hope Baptist Church and a regular speaker for the NAACP. Marlin, on the other hand, is a member of the Fontana school district’s Administrators Association and does research on many different subjects that relate to student performance.

We ask you to give your vote to Danny Tillman and Dr. Marlin Brown for the San Bernardino City Unified School District Board of Education. The taste in your mouth will be much sweeter if you do.

Remembering Mary Anderson

This past week we lost a dear family friend by the name of Mary Anderson. Cheryl and I first met Sister Anderson at Delmann Heights Foursquare Gospel Church in Muscoy under the leadership of Rev. Dr. William Dillard.

Mary was the superintendent of the Sunday School and she recruited me to teach the boys 7 through 12 years of age. Mary would hold “teach the teachers” sessions and one of the ways she taught was with objects. She was a busy body but not overbearing. She always had a smile while telling you about something she read, heard, or witnessed.

She always had a word for the Lord and attributed all her blessings to Him. In good or what you might see as bad health, Mary still gave God all of the credit. When her father was assistant pastor at St Paul AME we would see Mary at least three times a month.

This was after we left Delmann Heights and rejoined St. Paul and Mary had joined New Hope. Our families never drifted too far apart even when she and Eddie left to live in New Jersey. When they returned we picked up right where we left off. By this time we had the newspaper and Mary, you guessed it, started to write a “What’s going on around town in the churches” church column.

I learned a lot from Mary and that is one of the gifts I share today when I speak or teach. God plants his rose garden and from time to time, He comes along like every good gardener to prune back the roses for his home table or make as a gift to someone.

Well last week He came and cut the rose named Mary for his table of friends. Mary has left the garden but her beauty and sweet fragrance is left behind for us to remember through her kids Jea and Joi, and everyone she touched with her beauty.

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