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Watch out for the Shell Game

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The shell game is one where a slickster tries to get his victim to guess which shell the pea is under.

You have three shells and one pea and then you move the shells around real fast and the victim then points to the one he believes the pea to be under.

While the recall and proposition 54 have been occupying the minds of Californians, most citizens have almost forgotten about the up coming November election for School Boards, City Councils, Mayors, Water Boards and other local entities of concern to community members.

The recall is not the way to govern because it undermines the critical component of our democracy and that is trust. After the recall was declared to be valid, they immediately tried to convince us that the people of California were angry. We have over 35 million people in California and 8 million voted in November, then 1 million signed the recall petition in February and now the slickster tells us that 35 million are angry.

Which shell is the real motive for this election under and who stands to benefit at the expense of the public?

Vote No on the RECALL and
NO on 54

Get ready for the election in November

This is a reminder that another critical election is just ahead of us in November. We should contact the candidates seeking positions on school boards in the area because racial incidents are popping up all over the two counties. I will have more to say about those incidents later in the month.

These are our children and grand children that are being subjected to these acts of violence and our elected officials will be in the hot seat as they occur. Find out where they stand before Election Day.

Other candidates seeking city council seats are in a different arena but will contribute to this problem if they make policies that support or divide a community instead of uniting it. Elect people that understand that if they are elected they must represent all of the people.

I am bringing this to your attention because we can not forget these elections, so get ready, study the issues, and contact the candidates.

Don’t forget to VOTE on October 7th and get ready for a repeat on November 4th.

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