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Daryl Issa Abused Our Freedom

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Freedom is something that if abused can lead to some restrictive rules and regulations that we must live by. One example used to illustrate this point is for a person to yell “fire” in a crowded theater when there is no fire. People would get hurt or even killed when they rush to the exits.

The person who yelled fire could and should be tried for this unnecessary act of exercising his freedom and right to yell fire. If he is the only one in the theater, then there is no violation of his right to exercise that freedom.

Well I feel the same way about Republican Congressman Daryl Issa, who exercised his freedom and right to finance this recall election against the governor. He came up with this hairbrained idea just four months after the Republicans lost the statewide elections to the Democrats.

In order for democracy to work the proper thing to do is congratulate the winner and for the loser to start planning for the next election in four years. Not Issa, he and his radical rich Republican friends decided to pull a coup to overthrow the elected government and go against the will of the people, by yelling “fire!”

Issa, mind you, is in Washington where there is really a fire burning that created the smoke in California and many other states in the country. Issa knew that all you have to do to spread the smoke around is to give some unemployed people a clipboard with a pen and put them in front of grocery stores and shopping malls to get uninformed people to sign. He knew the likelihood of people signing especially people who would sign just to be left alone.

There are others who signed because they are anti-government. Then there are those who signed because they are lied to about what they are signing. Whatever the reasons, we now have people running around trying to figure out just what we are doing.

We have Issa crying because no one wanted him for the heroic position. We have Issa saying he is not for the recall because too many of his Republican friends are in the race. For him, it was never about the state being in financial trouble, it was about overturning an election he didn’t like.

We have the courts saying, based on the Bush vs. Gore decision, the election should be postponed because of the disenfranchisement of many voters. Then we have the same court saying that’s all right if a few votes are not counted. Then we have people seeking the top spot who did not even bother to vote in last November’s election because they were not interested in the open election.

We now have candidates seeking to debate one another only if they are given the questions ahead of time. This is a fine example to send our children in school. As a matter of fact, the one candidate who wanted the questions ahead of time is the same one who wants to help children learn. I always wanted the questions to the test prior to the examinations.

Chances are we would never know who the person would be that would yell fire in a crowded theater but we do know who financed this unnecessary recall election that is going to the heart of a free democracy. If he is successful the genie will be out of the bottle and we will never get her back in. All freedom loving citizens of California must put the genie back into the bottle on October 7th by voting No to this Recall. You have the water in your hand to put out the fires of the recall by just voting No.

If you just find it too difficult to vote No on the recall but want to put out the fire vote Cruz Bustamante for Governor. Some say Bustamante used the N word while speaking to an all Black organization. Cruz said he did not. Arnold Schwarzenegger is your other choice and he admits to the raping of a Black woman during his hey days as a weighlifter.

He makes no apologies for his actions when he was in his twenties. Bustamante has encouraged his friends to do business with the Black community. He has re-committed to further those efforts if he is elected governor. Arnold has agreed to open the books which are public record anyway. Vote yes for Cruz if you can’t vote no on the recall.

Vote No On 54

Vote no on Proposition 54. This is a proposition that is no good in a society that is as diverse as California. We as Black Americans have too much to lose if this crazy idea is passed. The numbers game is the only game we have, when it comes to seeking justice in this unfair legal society we live in. Vote No on 54.

NO on the Recall

Yes for Cruz Bustamante

NO on 54

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