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Don’t Burn Your Bridge After You Cross

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If my mother or father were alive and had been advisors to President Bush on his plan to invade Iraq, they probably would have said, “George don’t burn your bridges after you cross them because you might need them to get out of where you are going” or “George be careful of who you step on going up the ladder because you might need them once you get to the top and head back down.”

George Bush now finds himself on top of the world trying to build bridges back to France, Germany, Russia and the United Nations, telling them he needs them now that he has what he wanted. He is requesting $87 billon dollars from taxpayers to finance his pay back to Dick Cheney’s (Halliburton) company for reconstruction of the country we bombed to death. This request is more than his request to educate our children. I guess if you plan to send the kids off to war and get them killed, there is no need to educate them.

We now find ourselves in “pride mode” that will cost us a lot of money, lives and world prestige. We cannot pull out because that would send a signal to the world that we can’t finish what we start. We can’t afford to stay in by ourselves because only American solders are getting wounded or killed. We can’t get cooperation from our former friends because we told them we didn’t need them.

Congress is beginning to raise questions because we have not found those “weapons of mass destruction.” We are starting to get questions raised by congress because we told them it was a cake walk and now that the icing is off the cake, we see it was not a cake at all.

We can’t get support from some U. S. companies because we told them they could not bid on the projects to rebuild Iraq. I’m sure there are many other reasons one could mention that make our reasons for going to war ridiculous, but now to request we pay for something we should not have done in the first place without receiving more definitive information is preposterous.

No on 54

As we approach October 7th voting day in California, we will hear more and more information about Proposition 54. The only thing Black Americans need to remember is to vote NO on this day dream of a color blind society by Ward Connerly. Without the appropriate record keeping by race, sex and age, many needs would not be addressed by our government.

Without the information reflecting that Blacks had not been enrolled in the BIO-MED program at the University of Riverside, special legislation would not have been enacted to ensure acceptance into this program. The legislation was introduced by Republican Bill Leonard of Redlands, a conservative who saw the discriminatory practice of this state run institution.

Just this week the Supplemental Report of the 2003 Budget Act outlined the restructuring of the program because Blacks were being forced out of the program that Ward Connerly oversees as a member of the Board of Regents. With Proposition 54 this would not have been possible. Without the appropriate information on age, the issue of teenage pregnancy would never be addressed.

How would we know that Blacks are experiencing Aids at a faster rate than all other groups? Without these records how would schools know how to put corrective programs into place to reduce the drop out rate of certain students? We know that certain diseases are more prevalent in some races than they are in other races, without this data certain groups will go neglected.

The list can go on and on of good reasons why this proposition needs to be defeated. You can come up with your own list of reasons to vote NO on this proposition but just vote NO. Don’t be fooled by this slick talking, money making Ward Connerly.

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