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Connerly Gets Rich on Race Issues, Vote No on Proposition 54

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Last week I attended a Cal-Pac Conference in Las Vegas. Cal-Pac is the trade organization of Black beverage, liquor store, and tavern owners as well as other representatives of the beverage and spirits industry. One of the featured speakers at the conference was Thomas N. Todd, an attorney from Chicago who spoke about the "Six-Pack Negro."

According to Todd, the "six-pack" variety has six distinguishable characteristics: Pop-up (pops-up as a puppet for Whites); Hydroponic (grown in shallow water with no roots); Blended (looks too White to be Black); Inner (sits on the inside but does nothing for his people); Disconnected (can’t understand the issues with his people); and Go To (Whites "go-to" to get other Blacks). And as he spoke, Ward Connerly, our state's ultra-ultra conservative "raceman" came to mind.

Well, Ward Connerly is back at it again with Proposition 54 known as the Racial Privacy Initiative. He is trying to change the Constitution’s reference to race. For those of you who might not know it, Connerly has Black skin but does not want to live in a race conscious society that was started by the people who support his own hatred for his own race. Ever since Whites and Blacks touched the soil on these shores they have kept records on race, sex, religion and age.

The reason they were being kept were misguided but have now proven helpful to a denied people in locating family members who were separated in slavery. Alex Haley would not have been able trace his family history and write the famous Roots book fostering the interest of people in America both White and Black in the field of genealogy.

And even though Connerly tries to exempt medical, without the race data we would not know that Sickle Cell Anemia is primarily a disease found largely in Blacks and other people from the Mediterranian area. Without the race data we would not have been able to point out discriminations in housing, employment, education, health care, criminal justice system or elected representation. Connerly, the Hydroponic Negro acts like he does not know what he is doing because his roots are not deep enough.

He forgot that his appointment to the California Board of Regents was because of his color and dislike for Black people. The conservatives got what they wanted and Connerly got what he wanted, money and farms.

According to Jim Sanders of Scripps-McClatchy Western news service Connerly earns more than $700,000.00 dollars a year as his salary, three times what the governor makes and hundreds of thousands more than other heads of organizations with hundreds more employees. His non-profit organizations, the American Civil Rights Institute and the American Civil Rights Coalition, have raised over $7 million dollars since 1999.

Many people in America believe in his causes. This is the same man that lambasted the NAACP and other civil rights organizations for selling racial issues. Connerly claims his new Initiative will save the state over $10 million dollars a year and will be the initial step toward a color blind society. That will never happen in America.

The whole idea is not to be color blind in America but be fair, just, tolerant, accepting, and respectful of all its citizens. We will never melt into this society without being noticed, unless everyone becomes various shades of brown. Coming from a mixed marriage, Connerly should know that.

Connerly's race initiative will only serve to hide the numbers, which do not lie when discrimination is happening. Remember the tests of the Fair Housing and Employment Department, when an apartment was to be rented they would send a Black couple who many times would be told that the apartment was not available. They would send a White couple and it would be available. Without numbers there would be no way to prove the charges of discrimination. It is still against the law to discriminate, but every week our pages are full of incidents.

As a collective body, our government has a responsibility to all of its citizens that is why they continue to collect data on age, gender, income, etc.

Discrimination against Blacks will not change because of Proposition 54 they will just be harder to prove. Readers of the Black Voice are urged to vote NO on Proposition 54, the discriminatory Race Initiative.

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