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Internal Weapons of Mass Destruction

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America is worried about the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” owned by other nations and poised to be used against us. This is a valid concern because no nation wants to be taken over by another nation or have to live under the authority of another.

So we spend billions to keep this from happening by setting our sights on highly computerized technology, sophisticated monitoring gadgets, and elevating the required education of those in security positions in our nation’s airports.

We launch satellites into the sky to observe the movement of those we deem to be our enemy. We recruit personnel who speak every language known to man and in some situations we create a new language to throw off the enemy. I'm not knocking any of the toys we use nor any of the strategies, however I'm starting to think our enemy and our destruction is going to be from within our borders.

Right now I see internal weapons in the form of a recall election financed by rich citizens and Congressman Issa, with no rational reason other than “I have the money to do so, or the Governor ran up a deficit.” Yet Issa serves in Congress where we have the highest deficit in American history but no recall against Bush.

Nothing is legally wrong with the reasons other than it tends to destroy our confidence in our political institution. We have the crooked election of Florida where the current president was appointed and not elected. This is another weapon used to destroy the confidence of the nation’s citizens. We have corporate leaders telling their employees the company’s finances are alright while the leader is selling his stock in the company.

This is another internal weapon used to destroy the confidence of citizens. We have White police objecting to the promotion of Blacks, under the allegation that they don’t meet the qualifications but they never said a mumbling word when Whites were promoted under the same criteria. This is another internal weapon of mass destruction.

We have Catholic priests claiming to be married to God while sleeping with the devil and in some cases fathering children. This is another internal weapon of mass destruction. We have an imbedded free press not investigating or questioning the government out of fear of not being included in the government Q & A.

When you have these kinds of internal weapons of mass destruction going on in the country all the outside enemy needs to do is sit and wait for us to self destruct.

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