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Bad Intelligence Led Bush’s War

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This past weekend the Bush administrative team particularly Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice spent time trying to put a positive spin on the falsified documents confirming Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger of Africa. This statement was used in President Bush’s State of the Union address to justify his war against Iraq.

It is sad to think that our country would ever do such a thing, however even at St Paul AME Church bible study students are comparing the current administration to corrupt administrations of days gone by.

Several newspaper publishers have called and have the same concerns of corruption by our current administration. Rice and Rumsfeld continued to say this past weekend that it is true that President Saddam Hussein sought uranium for nuclear weapons, while also saying that the intelligence information fell short of their standard for inclusion in the President’s speech.

This kind of bad intelligence should not sit well with the families who lost love ones in a war that has only just begun. We are still losing soldiers at a rate of one a day. We were suckered into a war by Hussein and an ill-informed, overzealous, young, and arrogant appointed president. Now that our armed forces are intermingled into the fabric of Iraqi neighborhoods, they are picked off one by one. Our precision guided misles are no match for guerilla warfare.

Our high powered tanks are no match since they have no enemy tanks to shoot at. The red carpet treatment America was supposed to get by freeing the country has been switched to America get out go home, we were better off under Saddam Hussein. The arrogance of a jubilant Rumsfeld has given way to “Why ask me, I don’t have all of the answers”.

Talk is going around that the United Nations peace keeping coalition army is needed to restore peace to Iraq. When Bush declared victory Rumsfeld’s attitude was if you did not help us fight then don’t expect to reap any financial rewards from rebuilding. Pakistan has already declined to send any support troops in to help. I’m sure others will follow in Pakistan’s footsteps. We need to pray to God that a solution can be found to the problems Congress (except Barbara Lee) and the Bush administration have created.

Democratic Candidates Snub The NAACP

Some of the Democratic presidential candidates have already decided to snub the Black community by not attending the NAACP political forum recently held in Miami Beach. Kweisi Mfume, president of the NAACP said, “In essence you now have become persona non grata. Your political capital is the equivalent of confederate dollars.” It was only a few weeks ago that the National Democratic Party office was laying off ten staff members who all happened to be Black.

Thanks to the Congressional Black Caucus that plan was scrapped and those ten owe their stay of execution to the CBC.

But leave it to Al Sharpton to put things in the proper perspective for the Black community. Sharpton compared the snub to the late Lester Maddox, Governor of Georgia by saying: “Anytime we can give a party 92 percent of our vote and have to still beg them to come talk to us is still an “ax handle” mentality among some in the Democratic Party.” Sharpton was waving an ax handle in his hand while speaking from the podium.

He continued: “I want to stop people from wanting our vote but not wanting to be seen with us in public, treating us like we are some political mistress.”

There is a growing number of Black Americans becoming dissatisfied with the Democratic Party and care even less for the Republicans. Over the years it makes no difference which party is in office the fight is the same. If the NAACP incident is any indication of how the candidates treat the Black community, I’m sure other parties will see the wisdom in courting the Black vote.

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