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Happy Father’s Day

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The role of husband and father is a special role and once you become either your responsibilities are clear. Fathers are required to love their wives as Christ loved the church. That is a tough order because he gave his life for the continuation of the church.

You are to give your all for your wife because when you said "I DO" you became one. The bible scripture states that, "for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it.” In other words take care of her like you would yourself.

When it comes to your children you are not to provoke their wrath but you are required to bring them up in the admonition of the Lord. You are to train them to be good citizens. You are to read to them. You are to talk with them. You are to provide shelter for them. You are to provide food for them. You are to provide health care for them. You are to provide clothes for them. In other words, their every need is the father's responsibility. Some fathers abandon their responsibility after donating the sperm. This is not a father.

Some fathers abandon their responsibility when they get separated from the mother. This is not a father. Some get mad at the children once they request something that costs money. This is not a father. Some fathers decide to cut out if the child goes in a different direction. This is not a father. There was such a man who gave his son his share of his inheritance. The son went out and lost it all. When the son found himself and came home the father took him in and restored him as a guest of honor. Now that is a REAL Father. Have a Happy Father's Day to the real Fathers.

Martha Stewart

When the Enron scandal troubles broke into the news very few people advocated at the time that the executives should go to jail or even knew that Enron had swindled thousands out of their hard earned money. We said it then and say it now that the top executives should be indicted and put in jail. The government has been slow to indict or go after the crooks who stole their employees and stockholders’ investment.

Yet our government has spent our precious resources to go after Martha Stewart, a midget compared to the giants that have lied and stolen billions from the public and employees. We all know that the leaders of Enron were telling the employees that every thing was all right while selling all of their personal holding before the scandal of bankruptcy surfaced. Some have said that part of the reason the government is going after Stewart is because she is a woman. Oprah knows this well ... remember her comments questioning the safety of the beef industry that landed her in a Texas courtroom?

That brings me to the question, why are they going after Martha Stewart so fast and furiously? I speculate that it is a diversion strategy to take attention from the real thieves of Wall Street who happen to be white males. These guys have regulated the market so long that they do not want any one else to get any inside information. I'm not saying that what Martha has been charged with is right or wrong. I'm saying that if you want to make an example of wrong doing on Wall Street start at the top with Enron, World.Com, and Arthur Anderson.

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