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The Ideal Wife and Mother: Happy Mother's Day

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Proverbs 31 speaks to the topic I wish to share this Mother's Day with you. A virtuous or fine wife is one who is capable, diligent, worthy and good. Her worth cannot be measured in terms of costly jewels. Her husband can have full confidence in her, with no need to fear any lack of honest gain. Her finest efforts are put forth to help him; she never fails to cooperate.

She is always on the lookout for wool and flax and enjoys converting them into cloth. On her shopping trips, she is like the merchant ship that returns to port laden with produce from afar. See her going to the supermarket, loading her shopping cart with the best bargains. She also rises before daybreak.

She prepares food for her household. The portion she gives to her maidservants may include not only their breakfast but their work assignments for the day.

When she hears that some nearby field is for sale, she goes out to see it. It is just what she needs, so she buys it, then industriously plants a vineyard with money she earned. She prepares herself for her tasks with great vigor and enthusiasm. She is not afraid of strenuous work. She takes a quiet, humble satisfaction in the results of her labor. After the others have gone to bed, she often works late into the night.

She busies herself spinning wool and flax into yarn and thread. In addition to all this, she finds time to help the needy. She unselfishly shares with those who are less fortunate. She does not dread the approach of winter because there is plenty of warm clothing in the closets.

She makes tapestry for herself; her own clothing is fine linen and purple. She weaves linen garments and sells them at the market. She also earns money by supplying sashes to the merchants. Clothed with industry and dignity, she faces the future with confidence. The instruction she gives to her family is a balance of wisdom and kindness. She keeps in close contact with the affairs of her household and does not waste time in shallow unproductive activity.

Her children realize that she is an outstanding mother and they tell her so. Her husband also praises her as a God given wife. He says, there are many good wives in the world but you excel them all. The writer now adds his Amen to what the husband has just said. It is true. A woman may have charm but no common sense. She may be beautiful but impractical. But a woman who fears the Lord, as described above, is the best kind.

Let her be honored for her diligence and noble character. When the town fathers meet at the civic center, let them praise her outstanding accomplishments.

- William MacDonald
The Believer’s Bible

Have a Happy Mother's Day

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