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The Patriot Act, More Secure of More Racism?

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The action of the NAACP youth Division has alredy produce positive response from the adult chapters of local NAACP Branches of San Bernardino, Riverside andRialto Fontana.

Even though the process caused much discission Congressman Joe Baca responded to the youth and explained things that are going on in his office that his staff is not aware of. I sure that his staff will be more responsive to request made from constituent in the future. However the real issue is the Homeland Security and Patriot Act that will encrouch on our way of life.

When you hear discussion on this topic on University Compuses like Harvard, Yale, Stanford by former United States Attorney Genaerals and law students you know it is serious business. There is more at stake than what we are led to believe. The thought of someone being arrested withouta charge, being held for indefinate period of time, held with out access to legal council, being denied a trial by jury, being place in a military tribunial court if the authorities decied this is the best way to seek justice, have a federal judge in Mississippi grant premission to tap your phone in California if they so desire.

All of us who were apart of demonstrations in the sixties know how the government can distort the truth. Rev. Martin Luther King was laid on by the government as being a communist. All of the protesters were labeled as trouble makers by the police according to information givent them by the FBI. Now this same U. S. Government celebrates the Martin Luther King Birthday yet King was scourned by many Black Americans who heard and believed those lies.

The same thing can and will happened again if we do not voice our concerns now. What if you were to participate in a demonstration that was in opposition to proposed International Police. To you it is seen as excersing your Constitutioal Rights to free assemble witha desening opinion. The police who you pay teire salaries have been asked to protect public property ahve been told that some people affilicated with terrorist might be attendind the rally.

Know one has identified theses people so the plan is to gather information on every one and use it if things get out of hand. Something happens and you are arrested, put in jail and not allowed to make a phone call. They decide to relocat you to a location unknown and deny you any contact with the world you once knew. In the mean time your family are friends have been told that you have ties with terroris and shown pictures of you taken at the rally with some one who might be a terrorist.

Several months go by and your faliy finallt gets the legal process to get an attorney to speak with you. Since you have been label a terrorist the comversation between you and your attorny they can and will listen in on that conversation and used the information against you. When some White Americans have questiones about Freedom Black Americans have better be arming themselves and taking to the street.

As one White law student fron Harvard said, when it became clear that the Oaklama Bomber was White no one went out and rounded up other White males who fit his description”. Will the policy make us secure or more racist.

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