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Do as I Say Not as I Do

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“Do as I say not as I do." The expression has been around for some time, I'm sure many of you have had someone tell you that. It usually is said when the person has been caught in a contradiction of their action with their statements made.

Several political situations come to mind as I see them today. President Bush is asking congress to trust him in his initial request for $75 Billion to pour into the war against Iraq.

When asked by congress where the money is going to be spent Bush has stated, “I'm not for sure but allow me some flexibility because I will be back after this budget and request some more."

Bush's appointed mouth pieces are saying the Democrats are non supportive and unpatriotic by asking the White House where the money will come from and where will it be spent. We, the public are divided on the war issue, however we will have to pay the bill when it comes due.

Somebody better be asking questions now before the bill is approved. We stood by while watching the US slide into a war that has yet to be fully explained to the American public or the International community on why we really need to pre-emptively or unilaterally strike Iraq.

The major 'Freedom of the Press” institutions have become the public relations firm for the Bush Administration, afraid to ask the hard questions as a watch dog for the public.

The media only reports to us the information as provided by the powers that be. If the president says I will take no questions they tuck their heads between their legs and go home until the next briefing. This has led to an escalating debt that is getting deeper each and every day.

Gas prices are going up and contracts to rebuild Iraq have gone out to former high ranking public figures before the war started. The first one has already gone to Halliburton.

The former CEO is vice-president Dick Cheney. It is a multi-million dollar contract awarded to rebuild Iraq. Who is asking how much and how was the price arrived? The cost of a life lost cannot be priced.

If you do not believe this, ask the families on either side of the war how much will they take for the loss of their family member. It is one thing to die for a clear reason or principle or if your life is truly threatened but as of today the public is still waiting for a clear definitive explanation of why we are at war with Iraq.

Congress had better wake up and fulfill its responsibility or there will be some new faces in Washington come next election.
The current elected officials told us to watch their action and they would show us how to balance budgets, reduce debt, not raise taxes, and improve our standing in the international community.

Now Americans cannot travel inside our own country much less internationally unless you are in the military. Many of our public schools have canceled field trips to visit other states and various public places. We have told our children to not settle our differences by fighting yet we stopped talking with the United Nations and picked up our guns to solve our differences.

The Christian leadership has come out and said there is a time for war while teaching in their Christian classes and prayer meetings that Christ said turn the other cheek or walk another mile with your enemy.

What am I saying "do as I say not as I do."

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