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This War makes no Sense

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We don't need permission to go to war with Iraq, says President Bush, head of the most powerful nation on earth at this time. Bush is talking about not needing the total support of the United Nations to declare war on Iraq.

We might not need their permission, but we surely need their support and cooperation. Just like the poet said “No man is an island, and no Nation is a Nation all by itself.”

In my evaluation, Bush is going to go to war for many reasons that just don't seem to resonate with the people in America and around the world.

The administration has convinced us and the rest of the world that Saddam is a vicious dictator and killer of his own people, but since his failed invasion of Kuwait, neighboring nations are at peace at this time.

Bush has said Saddam needs to be replaced but, this is not a part of the United Nations resolution. Bush has said go to war because of Saddam’s possession of weapons of mass destruction, yet the inspectors have failed at this point to identify any such weapons in the possession of Saddam.

Bush has said that it is because Saddam threatened to kill his father several years ago. One must remember George Bush Sr. also tried to kill Saddam. That is a clear example of how violence works. You hit me then I hit you. If you beat me then my friends will wait until the appropriate time to retaliate against the one left standing.

Bush has cited it is because Saddam has in his possession the ingredients to produce a nuclear weapon as the main reason to go to war with Iraq. The United Nation inspectors have failed to uncover any. Yet we see North Korea with a nuclear bomb and a leader who has said he will use it and it can reach the U.S. North Korea is on the administration’s list as a country of the nexus of evil.

Bush has said he’s after Saddam because of the 9-11 World Trade Center bombing, yet no connection to Saddam has been established by all of the expert intelligence agencies from around the world. Bush has said it is not because of oil yet Bush and Cheney are all in the oil business.

These individuals were a part of a past failed administration’s efforts and now want to cover up their history of failure. This is part of the reason for this pre-emptive strike policy which goes against everything Americans have fought and died for since the inception of this country.

It is this type of logic that leads to North Korea next, Iran after that, and then anyone who does not agree with us. That is the only logical extension of the "bully" and king of the neighborhood mentality.

The administration is trying to convince us that containment will not work as a policy, yet that is the policy that crumpled the "Iron Curtain" after fifty years. It is the same policy that has kept Cuba at bay without advancement. It is the same policy that other countries like France, Russia, Germany and other European nations could support in the past.

I don't know the real reason Bush is so bent on taking the United States to war but I'm against his actions. I believe that this administration hijacked the presidential election, then hijacked congress after 9-11, hijacked the voters during the congressional election and is now trying to hijack the United Nations using the same incoherent logic of the past.

They knew that Gore would concede the election versus destroy our system of government. They knew that Congress would give them unilateral authority after 9-11 instead of running the risk of being singled out as traitors or unpatriotic. Only Rep. Barbara Lee had the backbone to disagree.

It is now time for us as citizens to get involved to express our views on this expensive war issue. If you believe we are going to take care of soldiers after the war, ask any veteran standing on freeways asking for money for food and standing on street corners waving you down to get your car washed.

Investigate the number of complaints from soldiers trying to get service from our V. A. hospitals because the military agencies deny they are responsible for their illness. All this talk sounds great before the war but it turns to denial after the war.

I know because I've had to investigate veterans complaints while working on the late Congressman George Brown’s staff. His was a lone voice against the Vietnam war. Call your representative to voice your position NOW.

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