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What is Reverse Discrimination?

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The City of Riverside has consistently held to the statement that they do not or have not discriminated against Blacks, Hispanics, Asians or women.

Yet they decided to pay some White police officers $40,000.00 and grant them a promotion because they complained of not being promoted when the police chief promoted a Native American, Hispanic and a woman.

The city promoted the White officers because of their allegations of reverse discrimination they filed in a complaint.
Now prior to four White officers’ shooting and killing Tyisha Miller, a Black teenager, Black officers had filed several discrimination complaints against the all White decision makers within the police department.

The minority officers said they were qualified for promotions yet were passed over because of their race. The White decision makers said they did not discriminate but selected White officers for promotion based on greater experience or being better suited for the position in question.

So after the Tyisha Miller killing, the police department and the city management took another look at how they selected officers for promotions. To their amazement they discovered they had overlooked some very qualified officers of the non White race.

They decided to promote them into some vacant positions after going through the proper procedures. During the process the all White management staff told each other it is a disgrace for us to continue to deny these qualified minority officers promotions, so let us do something about that and promote them.

Four White officers resented the promotion and filed what amounts to a REVERSE DISCRIMINATION suit. The question I have is how can you practice REVERSE DISCRIMINATION when you say there is not DISCRIMINATION in the first place?

If you admit to REVERSE DISCRIMINATION did you pay the Blacks, Hispanics and Asians $40,000.00 dollars for deliberately discriminating against them in the first place? Did you give them retroactive promotions with built in seniority? If you did not, then you are still discriminating against the minority officers.

When Blacks and Hispanics think of and file complaints of discrimination it is against White decision makers who have a practice or demonstrated pattern of denying promotions against them.

At no point in the history of the department has a Black manager existed to be in a position to discriminate or prevent any White officer from being denied a promotion or being hired.

This gift of public funds to White officers just because they make an allegation of REVERSE DISCRIMINATION is a slap in the face of justice for equal opportunity. I would suggest that the city pay the Black, Hispanic and Asians $40,000.00 each for past denied promotions and give them retro seniority to the next level promotion or the next pay level in their current position.

This would make up for the NON discriminatory practices that you say have not happened in the city.

The question still remains, if you were not discriminating against the Blacks, Hispanics and Asians why pay White officers for not getting promoted because of their race when all of the other prior promotions were granted to White officers?

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