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To Black Americans Bush sounds like a rerun of a bad movie

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I was going to comment on another issue this week until I heard our President, George W. Bush comment on the deception of Iraq. Bush said, "This business about more time, how much time do we need to see clearly that he is not going to disarm?

Surely our friends have learned lessons from the past. Surely, we have learned how this man deceives and delays. This looks like a rerun of a bad movie, and I'm not interested in watching it.”

I immediately thought of his decision to submit a brief to the Supreme Court in opposition to the Michigan University efforts to integrate their taxpayer supported university.

In his brief as well as public comments he said he could not support the Affirmative Action program which allows color or race to be a part of the decision.

Yet, Bush joined Blacks at a local church on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and said racial prejudice and discrimination was still a part of our society and should not be tolerated.

Bush's actions and words raised feelings that surfaced when I first heard Governor George Wallace say, “Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

Wallace made that statement while standing in the University of Alabama doors while the local clergy stood by his side. At the same time Wallace touted to others that some of his best friends were Black.

When I heard, Lester Maddocks of Georgia tell the world, while he carried an axe handle in his hands that his place of business will never serve Blacks. Maddocks actually used another word instead of Black.

And when I heard Ronald Reagan give his vision for the country and the next day the Grand Wizard of the KKK said Reagan’s program looked like their mission statement.

Yes Bush, the Black community is tired of the lies and deceptive statements and actions while well meaning presidents use delay tactics to make sure equality access is not afforded to Black Americans.

We have heard and seen these tactics since 1492 and definite since 1619 when the enslavement of Africans became a way of life in America. We heard of freedom at the end of the Civil War in 1865.

Then we got a promise of forty acres and a mule to help with the transition from enslavement into free citizens. This never came about because some Whites thought that was unfair to them and would give Blacks a leg up on them.

You promised us the right to vote and when we elected Blacks to Congress, some Whites thought that was granting Blacks too much freedom so they repealed our rights to vote and removed us from Congress.

You promised us free access to the courts then the United States Supreme Court said, Blacks have no rights that a White man has to honor. Then you promised us separate but equal opportunity to everything America had to offer only you did not provide us equal funding or access to accomplish our desires.

All of those mentioned freedoms were denied and continued to be denied while we contribute and still contributes to the public tax fund through our taxes. We give and give and give. We hear promises and promises and promises.

Yet we get delayed, delayed and delayed by every White leader regardless of party affiliation. Many Blacks know the majority of White America is hesitant to remove all of the built up barriers that block full access to equal opportunity in America for Black Americans.

It was only in 1954 that legal segregation was struck down yet it took twenty years to integrate the schools. It was only in the sixties that it became unlawful to discriminate in selling houses to Blacks in California.

It was only in 1964 that segregation was outlawed in public accommodations. And only in 1967 that interracial marriages were legalized in most states.

Yes Mr. Bush your actions and words sound like a rerun of a bad movie ... "Gone with the Wind" ... and I don't want to hear or watch it again.

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