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Who Are You Watching This Year?

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Those of you who have met our friend Jerry Gore from Kentucky, should know that he is always referring to something his ancestors would say.

I was talking with Jerry Monday night when he said, “Hardy whenever I would come home at night after the basketball game, I would hear my aunt say the next day, I saw you come in last night.

You know I keep my eyes on you boy.” Jerry went on to say, “Hardy that is something we must thank our ancestors for doing. They were constantly watching and praying for us.” I tell that story because it is something we must do as a people in the coming year.

There are a lot of things we must keep our eyes on locally, regionally, statewide, in the country, and around the world. Locally, we must engage ourselves in local policies that impact our lives every day and in close proximity to our neighborhoods.

In our cities unemployment of our youth will give them more time to create non-productive things to do. They have already demonstrated they have no respect for life, community or religious institutions. This is going to require of us much sacrifice of time, talent and resources.

This is going to require reaching back to some of the proven practices our ancestors did and keeping our eyes on everyone, while not sparing the rod from our youth. When we have kids shooting kids on church grounds, that’s worse than a spanking.

When we have kids pulling up to parked cars on the streets and shooting another person without warning, that’s worse than a spanking. When we have our youth being kicked out of schools at a higher rate than any other group for misbehaving, in the long run that’s worse than a spanking.

I’m not a believer that spanking will correct the problem but it will prevent some from these atrocious problems that we currently face. However, we must also work at being more involved and responsible.

We will have to become Boy and Girl Scout leaders again. It will require us to teach Bible classes at our church. This is going to require of us to read more to our young people and then require our young to read to our seniors in rest homes. This is something we must keep our eye on in our own homes and neighborhoods.

On the state and national levels we must inform our elected leaders of our need for real programs that will help businesses create jobs in local depressed communities.

With the current budget problems, our leaders are looking to cut services and programs in education, healthcare and recreation.

There is a need to reduce barriers for small business to start and expand. The small business community needs access to low cost capital for growth. This is something we must keep our eyes on.

Jerry Gore, like our other community elders, knows that we must remain watchful. And once we see with our eyes, we must act. We can change all the ills that plague our communities by “keeping our eyes” on the problems and working hard to make change.

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