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New Year . . . Same Old Day?

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It is always exciting to stand at the threshold of a new day, birthday or in this case a new year. It becomes a time for some to reflect, evaluate and look forward to a new beginning.

Some people don't do either; they just plug along accepting what life has dealt to them and see no hope in changing the path they are traveling.

For me I am always evaluating and seeking ways to blaze new trails or at least remove the rocks, fill in the potholes, and straighten out the curves in the road I'm traveling. I'm somewhat leery of turning around, because I might get caught up in the familiarity of the past and turn into a pillar of salt, much like our esteemed ex-majority leader Senator Lott.

Therefore when I evaluate the past, I keep my face toward the future at all times. It is important to review your past performance because it helps you understand why you are where you are today and suggest changes if you want to reach established goals.

In evaluating this past year, we were bombarded with drumbeats of war with Iraq and other countries that formed President Bush’s “Axis of Evil.” He also elevated our concerns for our own civil liberties with his Homeland Security initiatives.

With that strategy the Republicans froze the Democrats in their tracks and literally took over Washington. All this left Americans with higher unemployment, less in retirement funds, retires seeking part-time employment, larger bankruptcies, increases in the crime rate, and states forced to reduce their budgets. California is one of those states.

Currently we find every level of government evaluating cuts in their budgets that will affect each and every one of us in the coming year. We must make our collective voices heard along with every other special interest group. We are still the last hired and first fired.

We are still the last to receive financial aid from programs and the first to be dropped from funding. We are still an afterthought when contracts for service are given out, and the first to be told that our outstanding proposals could not be funded. We are still the first statistics used to increase budgets or get funding while being denied access once the proposal is funded.

What are you going to do once you cross the threshold of a new year? Are you going to look back and become frozen in time, stand still and let time pass you by, or plan for a new and exciting happy and healthier New Year.

Happy New Year

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