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Should This Administration Be Removed Too?

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I was listening to a press briefing by Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld at the Pentagon last Tuesday as he described some of the illegitimate governments in the world.

He stated that these regimes should be removed because of their brutality to the citizens of the country.

As Rumsfeld elaborated on the physical brutality, I thought of the financial brutality the citizens in the good old United States are currently suffering and we have no recourse until two years from now. I had a flashback to the national savings and loan failure and the amount of money lost by our citizens and the repayment that taxpayers were forced to make. I thought of the recent Enron failure and all of the people who lost millions with no recourse. I thought of the energy highjacking of California by profiteers from Texas with no recourse for our citizens. I thought of the highjacking of the public voting process in Florida and the actions of the U. S. Supreme Court with no recourse for its citizens. I thought of the recent legislation to insure the insurance companies a cap on terrorist liability, even though no cap is needed.

I thought what is the difference in the treatment of our citizens and concluded that a thief is a thief regardless of how he steals from the poor to enhance the rich. The other thing I noticed is the Bush family name surfaced in each of the above mentioned situations. I'm not saying the Bush's are the ringleaders in these incidents but it appears they practice a different form of brutality and mistreatment.

Things have gotten so bad in America, that even some of the ultra conservative talk show hosts are saying that they see no difference between the Republican or Democratic political parties. They have said the average or poor citizens have no recourse to the bad policies of the government under the Bush regime. These practices and mistreatments are the same thing Blacks have been complaining about for centuries. Poor kids steal a hub cap, food from a convenience store, or hold up a bank, they go to jail and rightfully so. Steal it by legislation or bankruptcy and you stay alive to steal some more.

No one has gone to jail from Enron. No one went to jail for the savings and loan mismanagement robbery. The Enron and S&L officers kept their property and George Bush, Sr. helped pass legislation for taxpayers to cover the cost. No one went to jail in Florida after stealing the election, however the top dog was recently elected to congress with the help of the Bush family. The insurance companies have not paid above their billion dollar emergency fund after the terrorist attacks, yet they have already gotten the Bush Administration to secure a guarantee program.

So where will it stop? We have people that have retired yet within two years after Bush took office, have returned to work. Many people lost all of their retirement funds at the hands of Bush and Cheney which can be characterized as an illegitimate administration. Should our administration be removed by a foreign government?

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