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Hardy L. Brown

This War makes no Sense

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We don't need permission to go to war with Iraq, says President Bush, head of the most powerful nation on earth at this time. Bush is talking about not needing the total support of the United Nations to declare war on Iraq.

What is Reverse Discrimination?

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The City of Riverside has consistently held to the statement that they do not or have not discriminated against Blacks, Hispanics, Asians or women.

To Black Americans Bush sounds like a rerun of a bad movie

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I was going to comment on another issue this week until I heard our President, George W. Bush comment on the deception of Iraq. Bush said, "This business about more time, how much time do we need to see clearly that he is not going to disarm?

The System is Broke, Time to Fix It

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The general media is making much to do over Illinois Governor George Ryan’s decision to reduce the death sentence of inmates to life in prison.

Who Are You Watching This Year?

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Those of you who have met our friend Jerry Gore from Kentucky, should know that he is always referring to something his ancestors would say.

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