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Hardy L. Brown

Winning The Battle But Losing The War

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By Hardy Brown

Over the past month, I've conducted my own unofficial survey of what Americans - both at home and abroad - think about our latest war on Iraq.

Corona Councilmen Need Review by Citizens & Attorney General

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The public has grown skeptical of elected officials over the past several decades and has tried to elect representatives who would stay away from decisions which give the slightest hint of impropriety.

Do as I Say Not as I Do

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“Do as I say not as I do." The expression has been around for some time, I'm sure many of you have had someone tell you that. It usually is said when the person has been caught in a contradiction of their action with their statements made.

What to do with our older prison population?

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In January Cheryl, my wife, had a conversation with Robert Presley, former senator and current Secretary of the state’s Youth and Adult Correctional Agency.

2 Willies Getting Things Done

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It seems like life brings them in pairs: there was Martin and Malcolm, ‘Kennedy and Kennedy,’ Truth and Tubman, etc. It gets your attention because all of the twosomes seem to have a mission of trying to make this world a better place.

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