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Hardy L. Brown

Turn Back the Hands of Time

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Back in 1972 or thereabout Tyrone Davis put some words to music that so many of us would say every day and made it a number one hit song.

The words were “If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time.” I thought of this song when I heard Kobe Bryant tell the world “I’m sorry, ashamed and disgusted with myself.”

Dr. Ronald K. Bailey, Find the Courage

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You heard it said so many times in the Black community that if you want to know what’s going on and how people really feel then go to church. Well this past Sunday was no exception in the Sunday school class or standing outside the church underneath the shade tree.

Bad Intelligence Led Bush’s War

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This past weekend the Bush administrative team particularly Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice spent time trying to put a positive spin on the falsified documents confirming Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger of Africa. This statement was used in President Bush’s State of the Union address to justify his war against Iraq.

Congratulations Chief Cannon and RPD

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Last Thursday Russ Leach, Riverside Chief of Police, announced the promotion of Jim Cannon to the rank of captain. This is only the second time in the city's history that an African American has reached the rank of captain.

Who Will They Say You Are?

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There is a scripture in the Bible where Jesus and his disciples are having a conversation and Jesus asks the question, “who do the people say I am?” The discussion finally gets around to Jesus asking, “well who do you say I am?” Of course Peter responds with the correct answer.

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