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Hardy L. Brown

Who Will They Say You Are?

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There is a scripture in the Bible where Jesus and his disciples are having a conversation and Jesus asks the question, “who do the people say I am?” The discussion finally gets around to Jesus asking, “well who do you say I am?” Of course Peter responds with the correct answer.

A Long Way From Race Not Being An Issue

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The US Supreme Court has ruled that race can be considered as part of admissions consideration for students. The court only confirmed the practice which has been in use ever since colleges and universities have been in existence; even before African Americans could legally apply to these institutions. Five of the justices ruled in favor of Affirmative Action knowing that this will protect the other discriminatory practices that guarantees people like George W. Bush access to Yale and other elite institutions, as legacy admits.

The Missing Osama bin Laden

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The missing Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and “weapons of mass destruction” in the Middle East brings to mind one of the songs I learned when I was in elementary school back in Jones County, North Carolina.

Happy Father’s Day

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The role of husband and father is a special role and once you become either your responsibilities are clear. Fathers are required to love their wives as Christ loved the church. That is a tough order because he gave his life for the continuation of the church.

Another Police Officer Shooting?

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All of the facts are not in but the community is talking and waiting for the investigation of last week’s shooting that took the life of Lamont Volner Stokes. We have received many inquiries and Rev. Bernell Butler has been called to start protesting the shooting.

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