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Hardy L. Brown

Connerly Gets Rich on Race Issues, Vote No on Proposition 54

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Last week I attended a Cal-Pac Conference in Las Vegas. Cal-Pac is the trade organization of Black beverage, liquor store, and tavern owners as well as other representatives of the beverage and spirits industry. One of the featured speakers at the conference was Thomas N. Todd, an attorney from Chicago who spoke about the "Six-Pack Negro."

No On The Recall

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The year was 1972 when I got involved in a local recall election against a city councilman. I was not a part of the recall committee but became a candidate when approached by the recall committee. He was being recalled for malfeasance of duty (illegal acts committed by a public official). What happens during these public hangings is no one really tells you the illegal act the person actually committed.

Internal Weapons of Mass Destruction

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America is worried about the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” owned by other nations and poised to be used against us. This is a valid concern because no nation wants to be taken over by another nation or have to live under the authority of another.

So we spend billions to keep this from happening by setting our sights on highly computerized technology, sophisticated monitoring gadgets, and elevating the required education of those in security positions in our nation’s airports.

Turn Back the Hands of Time

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Back in 1972 or thereabout Tyrone Davis put some words to music that so many of us would say every day and made it a number one hit song.

The words were “If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time.” I thought of this song when I heard Kobe Bryant tell the world “I’m sorry, ashamed and disgusted with myself.”

Dr. Ronald K. Bailey, Find the Courage

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You heard it said so many times in the Black community that if you want to know what’s going on and how people really feel then go to church. Well this past Sunday was no exception in the Sunday school class or standing outside the church underneath the shade tree.

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